A pair of adventurers try to track down an ancient Aztec/Mayan/Egyptian/Apache horde of gold.

The movie revolves around Max Donigan and Leo Porter, two soldiers of fortune, whose adventures rarely result in any notable gain. After a long career of mishaps, wrong turns and utter failures, the duo is ready to call it quits until a spunky blonde beauty with an ancient treasure map hires them to guide her into Central America to find Aztec gold. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Firewalker torrent reviews

Collin R (br) wrote: while the story itself is unique but it unravels just like any other boxing movie, however it has great acting in it.

Jesse O (br) wrote: This has nothing to do with this film, since it was apparently released in 2013, but this year has been absolutely anemic for quality animated films. 2013 was also pretty bad, but somehow 2014 has been worse. Then again I guess you did have How to Train your Dragon 2 this year, which I've not seen...but that's about it. But I digress, this film didn't really have much going for it. The animation is fine, but it, obviously, lacks a certain level of polish and creativity seen in the top tier Pixar, or even the best Dreamworks, films. This is far more forgivable when you consider the fact that this movie probably doesn't even have NEARLY as close to the same budget as Pixar, or Dreamworks, films have. But the film still looks a little too bland for my tastes. Because of that bland animation, a lot of the scenes lack the style and life that this movie so desperately is searching for. A perfect analogy would be a cute girl with dead eyes. There's no charisma, or life, in her eyes. That's what this movie is. Except the animation isn't really "cute", that's just the closest I could come to a perfect analogy. The movie isn't really funny, nor does it even really try. At the very least it doesn't try to appeal to anyone above the 8-10 year old demographic. And even then, I think some kids might be amused, but they won't exactly be losing their minds over this film. The 'funniest' character would have to be the effeminate Sota brother. But even then this character provides nothing more than a few chuckles. I suppose Antonio Banderas' character as this womanizing coward who wants to pretend to be a knight without any of the responsibility is also fairly amusing. Also got a few slight chuckles with this character, but nothing worth noting. The story is fairly standard kids' stuff about following your dreams and shit like that. It's not particularly good because there really didn't seem to be any effort put into it, it's shamelessly borrowing from other films to create its "own" story. The voice acting is uninspired, clearly just a paycheck film for most of those involved. I doubt this would happen, but it sounds so uninspired that it comes across as if some of the actors were followed around with tape recorders instead of actually going into the studio to record their lines. That's a new level of uninspired. I suppose the voice acting is serviceable enough, but it's another part of the film that simply lags behind the best animated films. It's almost like Usain Bolt running against a man with no legs. It's not like it's really fair. With that said, I didn't think this film was any good. It didn't make my brain blow up with how bad it was. Even though I gave this film a lower rating, I wouldn't say that this film is worse than Cars 2 or Shrek The Third. They're not even in the same league of badness. While this film did absolutely nothing well, I could actually tolerate this. I could get through it without losing my mind. Cars 2 and Shrek The Third were so dreadful that I would prefer to be tortured by the CIA than to watch those two films in a row. Of course, I'm using hyperbole to prove my point. This film isn't even close to that. The reason those two got a better rating is because of better animation and voice acting. I'm on quite a roll with the reviews lately. Out of the last 6 films I've reviewed, this one included, only one, The Rover, has gotten a positive review. It is what it is I guess. This isn't particularly good and there's no real reason to watch this unless you're the cast's and crew's families.

Cody P (us) wrote: this movie is gangster

Paul G (it) wrote: I f+++in' love this movie!!

Daniel M (us) wrote: If I could give negative stars I would

Martin S (fr) wrote: You won't be bored,''Cette opration est baptise... opration Ninja!''

David P (mx) wrote: Only plus is the Texas Longhorns

Rafael Maria C (ca) wrote: Beautiful cinematography beautiful story love the movie one of my favorites

Bonnie A (kr) wrote: The bunnies...they slow motion...all the sound of drums...but they're still regular-sized domestic bunnies, no matter what tricks you use. Still a lot of effort went into this turkey and it's a laugh riot. And at least the bunnies aren't CG.

Bass 9 (jp) wrote: Good movie about the cuban revolution told from the P.O.V of a journalist who leaves his wife in Miami. It's a well made movie.

Lynn N (us) wrote: Strange movie. Dark. But Ava Gardner is incandescently beautiful.

Stephanie M (ru) wrote: Well, Veronica Lake never really was more than a pretty face (and I'd KILL for her hair...) and in this movie it really shows. Very silly it does manage to have a very old fashioned Bewitched-y charm to it that you can't help but like. Funny plot and a handful of good gags save this movie. I'm rather fond on these old-fashioned stories of magic.

Dr F P (us) wrote: The whole story is pretty creepy, and some scenes are quite unsettling but as much as i love and adore Vincent Price (and his awesome dark glasses in this one), i found it pretty boring and the character Lady Rowena overbearingly annoying.

Benjamin L (ru) wrote: I guess most people have not even heard of this musical movie. It is similar to Mama mia without the big stars, and with pop 80's song instead of just ABBA. People from my age group will recognize all the songs. The interesting thing is this movie has a character similar to Pierce Brosnan in Mama Mia. Can you recall his singing talent?

Drew S (jp) wrote: Wow, that was ridiculous. Caught it on sci-fi and couldn't turn away. Really funny in parts that it shouldn't be. By the way, that was probably the worst looking computer animated deer I've ever seen.