Fireworks revolves around a young man (played by Anger himself) associating with various navy sailors, who eventually turn on him, stripping him naked and beating him to death, ripping open his chest to find a clock ticking inside. Several fireworks then explode, accompanied by a burning Christmas tree and the final shot shows the young man lying in bed next to another topless man.

Depicts a dream sequence about the brutal rape and torture of Anger himself (as a teenager) by a group of sailors on the street (after trying to pick one of them up). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Fireworks torrent reviews

Joe C (ag) wrote: this is great....every caring citizen must see the truth

Matthew M (nl) wrote: some flaws make this movie less than serious. It is kind of cliche and I felt like I had seen this movie 50 times over but nonetheless it was decent enough. My saying is the worst film is not a bad movie but a mediocre one.

James M (br) wrote: Tedious historical pageant with awful performances and nothing to maintain interest.

Terry W (kr) wrote: Kurt Russell and Ray Liotta deliver ... Great thriller!

Tanya L (de) wrote: want this movie at any cost...... any where it can be found... love it.............

Robert W (es) wrote: A fun, goofy little English SF movie. I would have given it a higher rating if not for what has to be one of the most thoroughly unlikable "heroes" I've ever seen in such a lighthearted movie.

Adam R (gb) wrote: Like Batman and Robin - except it knows it's a joke. Big difference!

Steve G (ca) wrote: A nice depiction. little wanting, but nice. pretty jewish. but in a good non-woody allen way.

Muhammad N (jp) wrote: Oldman? Penn? hellish-well played on this movie.