First Blood

First Blood

When former Green Beret John Rambo is harassed by local law enforcement and arrested for vagrancy, the Vietnam vet snaps, runs for the hills and rat-a-tat-tats his way into the action-movie hall of fame. Hounded by a relentless sheriff, Rambo employs heavy-handed guerilla tactics to shake the cops off his tail.

John J. Rambo is a former United States Special Forces soldier who fought in Vietnam and won the Congressional Medal of Honor, but his time in Vietnam still haunts him. As he came to Hope, Washington to visit a friend, he was guided out of town by the Sheriff William Teasel who insults Rambo, but what Teasel does not know that his insult angered Rambo to the point where Rambo became violent and was arrested. As he was at the county jail being cleaned, he escapes and goes on a rampage through the forest to try to escape from the sheriffs who want to kill him. Then, as Rambo's commanding officer, Colonel Samuel Trautman tries to save both the Sheriff's department and Rambo before the situation gets out of hand. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zbigniew Z (us) wrote: A little too slow for my liking.

JeanFranois M (nl) wrote: Le premier film du duo, Gareth Evans et Iko Uwais. C'est bon, mais pas spectaculaire comme les films Raid, par contre, on voit le potentiel qu'ils ont exploit ensemble.

Maggie S (gb) wrote: I had mistakenly expected a happy-ending, heartwarming film which I thought would be good right after Lemon Tree (I saw the two films in a row), and ended up being moved to tears... Not sure about the national flag at the end, but otherwise I liked it very much. Looking forward to my trip to Jordan in July. PEOPLE RESEARCHING ON THE AIRPORT AS A SPACE WHERE SOVEREIGN POWER OPERATES THROUGH ITS EMPLOYEES SHOULD WATCH THIS FILM AND REFLECT UPON THEIR OWN PRIVILEGE.

Ohnus C (kr) wrote: Miss Yeung's acting, no doubt, still not good at all times. With Justin Lo, claimed this as his debut movie performance, I was sick of it when I saw him appearing on the screen.

Kayla F (de) wrote: I absolutely love Julie Andrews but I absolutely hated this movie!!!!!!

Dimitriy B (nl) wrote: One of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I've re watched this movie 3 times, it is that good. One of Bill Murray's best.

Stephen Y (mx) wrote: I love this movie. its a god awful movie like there's nothing good about it except the fact that it is so bad. I love it though.

Jocey D (ru) wrote: Sweet, tender story about life's simplicities being the best and learning to enjoy what is given to you. There's a wonderful moral to this tale based in kindness, patience, understanding and patience. Great cast delivers beautifully.

Andrew S (nl) wrote: Pretty much a perfect movie

Felix W (ca) wrote: "Estern Promises" is a great drama that inspires and is suspenseful to the very end. Viggo Mortensen delivers one of his best performances, right after "Captain Fantastic", and has a great chemistry with Naomi Watts and delivers a great Russian accent. The latter delivers a great performance as well and makes the viewer feel for her. The thing that most surprised me was the very authentic Russian accent by Vincent Cassel who as a Frenchman has an accent anyway but his performance is just brilliant. The story is great and is laid out in brilliant way. The movie jumps right into action in the opening sequence and then makes the viewer curious for more within the first ten minutes. A refreshing change here is that this movie is not predictable but has many twists and revelation that are very unexpected. Cronenberg portrays his characters here in an unconventional fashion but it is exactly that what makes them and the movie so interesting and intriguing. He builds up the story gradually and as the movie progresses the story unfolds in a very exciting and suspenseful way. With many medium shots and close ups the cinematography helps the viewer take in all the emotions and feelings that the characters show. In this movie facial expression often say more than words and that is exactly what the camera catches and what makes this movie so intense. All in all we can say that this is an amazing drama where all the elements fit together and where suspense is present form begging to end.

Sterlin R (mx) wrote: "Scarface" is without a doubt my all-time favorite movie. Here are five reasons why:1. I love the concept of it. The fact that this movie had a crime style with drama made it so unique.2. The acting is so brilliant. Al Pachino is one of my favorite actors, and I think he was the perfect choice for the role of Tony Montana. His voice, attitude, and his overall acting for his character all worked out really smoothly. Also, the rest of the cast did a great job.3. The story was very unique. This is one of those movies where the story is somewhat hard to explain, but it will always be understandable.4. The ending was very awesome that it is actually my favorite part of the whole movie. I really loved how they ended this movie with a massive shootout and it was another thing that worked out perfectly.5. The quote; "Say hello to my little friend" is what makes this movie so unforgettable.I do not care that this movie has loads of violence, swearing, and the fact that this movie is nearly 3 hours long. The fact of the matter is this movie is so outstanding that nothing can beat it. I obviously recommend it (only if you have not seen it)."Scarface" may be a movie that a lot of people have seen and heard about, but this movie will always a huge masterpiece classic