First Class Thieves

First Class Thieves

A story involving a group of traveling actors who perform at an experimental prison where the thieves have first class comforts provided to them by a reformist warden. Ironically the troupe performs a play named The State Thief, a play about thieves for thieves.

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Wiebke K (br) wrote: The story is remarkable, the settings authentic, giving the movie a realism other spy stories tend to lack - this is not about wild action but careful concealment and daring deeds that may appear small but help lay the foundation for the Soviet Union's demise. And, as I can remember the excitement on our side of the border when Lech Walesa formed Solidarnosc, and even more important movie.

Chani (kr) wrote: 1st one is way better

Roxsy T (ca) wrote: What the hell did I just watch? This is one of those movies that made for a better trailer than an actual film. I'm disappointed. I was so excited to see this film because it looked so different. It was just an hour and a half of messy writing and boring situations. Can someone tell me why every single person in this film had a different accent? And the music goes from japanese to spanish to rap to you don't know what. How many languages are they speaking in this movie? I never felt so lost in a film as I did in Mad Cowgirl. This could have been a cool movie if it didn't seem like the director was rushing through it. Oh, and there's a part where Koenig is preaching on TV, you can see a blue outline around him from the green screen. Come on! How did this get distribution? I'm all about low-budget and indy film making but I was more confused than I was entertained. I gave it one star because the address of Walter Koenig's church was "665". That got a chuckle out of me but that's it.

Battle T (ca) wrote: Was a cool twist at the end.

Walter C (kr) wrote: Some good fighting scenes throughout and one insanely funny scene that inolves a lion (who is obviously a man in a lion costume) attacking Bobby Lo. Oh, and the Bruce Lee scenes in this movie are four minutes worth of inserted 'face' footage from his previous films. Guess they ran out of never before seen fight footage for this one.

Sarah F (br) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

Barney o (jp) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: With the stakes raised, we see a harsher side to Bond's character and some pretty exciting new environments. What's more, the cold-war plot allows for some against the clock tension, and abolishes some of the cringe-worthy humour of the previous installmentsWHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Sadly, it's not Connery's best installment - over-abundant 'explosive' action and endless scored montages manage to extinguish my engagement. It's sexism/racism can be cringey to endure, too.VERDICT: It might make you tense sometimes, and it might appear explosive, but 'You only live twice' can't live up to it's predecessors.

Candace B (us) wrote: Imtiaz Ali wrote and directed this terrific film, which I will add to my collection as soon as it comes out on blu-ray. I thought it was extremely well done. Loved the skillful use of flashbacks. Loved the use of the robot, shown on stage in the opening shot, as a plot device that drives the story and ties everything up at the end. Great cast, especially the child actor who plays young Ved. This is a film that will appeal to American audiences and have special meaning for actors and performers everywhere. Absolutely loved it. Indian film is getting extremely good.

Ksi S (ca) wrote: most under-rated movie I've ever seen.

Olivier B (ru) wrote: Guilty pleasure at its best. I'm never tired of watching this movie. Lots of great practical effects and a hilarious Oliver Platt.