First Kiss

First Kiss

Song Yeon-Hwa, a reporter of a weekly entertainment magazine, is 27 years old. Though she is almost kissed by her boy friend several times, she has refused without particular reasons. Then she lost her boy friend. Now knowing her shilly-shally is the reason of her lost love, Song Yeon-Hwa loses daily rhythm all in a furry. One day Han Kyeong-Hyeon, who seems to be a playboy, came to work with her as a photographer. Seating next seat Kyeong-Hyeon nags her chattering all kinds of things and wedging in every occasion. Yeon-Hwa, who suffers from aftermath of lost love, submits resignation with a burst due to nagging and scolding of editor-in-chief.

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Amanda L (jp) wrote: fantastic film!if only it were that easy to find true love...

Kurt T (mx) wrote: I've got all the classics under my belt now that I have TMC (Turner Classic Movies), though my first shot with it wasn't too substantial. The Black Swan's first twenty-minutes begin with a hefty bit of action,--sword battles with some Pirates yelling argh and all that jazz--, and slightly develops the whole plot structure. Though with all this being said, many attractions I have with the genre are not fully explored. The interwoven narrative is rather complex, yet easy to depict. This Academy Award winner starts with a man, Jamie Waring (Tyrone Power), on the threat of torture if he doesn't cooperate, and tell them where his Captain, sir Henry Morgan (Laird Cregar), is located. He diverts to the noble figure, and knocks off a couple witty jokes. Before his sentence to be tortured is fulfilled, Jamie's fellow pirates enter the building of which he was being held. Jamie Waring is let go and sir Henry Morgan becomes King. Though with him being under the king's wing and having many treasures, Jamie falls in love with the previous king's daughter, Lady Margaret Denby (Maureen O'Hara). The acting is not to my standards of good. Though the actors have a couple scenes of realism, they mostly delve into '40's melodrama. Jamie's love interest, played by Maureen O'Hara, can release her fair share of involving emotions. Though lightly, the main protagonist, played by Tyrone Power, can too; but, in hindsight, it all just seems so fake. I did enjoy all the battle sequences that were the doing for its visual effects nomination, but the climax is very much unfulfilling, in my desire to seam the narrative together, and relentlessly dull. All together, I feel The Black Swan manages to lighten a realistic battle, but just never really follows through enough on characterization and narrative structure to be labelled an epic.

Mike B (gb) wrote: This Movie Sucks Ass

Monica S (es) wrote: Really quite sad seeing her so drugged up and out of it, but the older footage is just gold.

Isaac R (de) wrote: Amen has some very interesting themes and characters. The story is inherently frustrating because it is about a select few remarkable individuals trying to change events much larger than themselves (and that history shows they were unable to change). I wish more had happened. I also wish some of the performances and characters were deeper. It is excellent in its establishment of tone and setting but fails to deliver on the substance.

Jack Ronald R (ag) wrote: this movie speaks to me in accents so thick you'll need subtitles.

Kade C (ca) wrote: Action, adventure, and humor. All things done perfectly in the first Indiana Jones film. Nothing beats the amount of excitement Raiders brings to the screen, with Harrison Ford arguably giving the best performance of his career. A classic that will stand the test of time.

Spencer H (ru) wrote: It's a rip off of The Silence of the Lambs and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Omar C (ag) wrote: its funny I've been waiting to see it it is hilariously funny

Minh M (it) wrote: One of my favorite movies in recent memories. Wonderful and uplifting. I now have 3 of its songs on my music player.