First Monday in October

First Monday in October

For the first time in history a woman is appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, where she becomes a friendly rival to a liberal associate.

For the first time in history a woman is appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, where she becomes a friendly rival to a liberal associate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


First Monday in October torrent reviews

Ryan J (ca) wrote: Lars is a has been artist who was only big time after being involved in a major accident, his paintings were inspired by the carnage. He is now teaching in small town Canada. Eddie is a mute, his aunty was a long time supporter of the art school and now she has passed away he needs to be cared for or the school goes broke. Lars looks after him and finds out that Eddie sleepwalks, with a few surprises (it's in the title!).Black comedy/horror satirizing the art world. Not as good as I was hoping and the characters aren't very likeable, the sheriff is the only level headed, decent person in the whole film.

Sitinga K (es) wrote: This was a great movie - coming of age, in jail. The cinematography could have been better. They needed to expand on the story of the mother and the man she was cookin food for. The storyline is based on a true story so was captivating to know that it was real. It leaves you wondering what happened to the real Ramchand though, and all the other prisoners.

Tasos L (ag) wrote: Emotional reasons...

Andrew B (ru) wrote: A DRAMA film written, directed, composed but not starring Charlie Chaplin. Certain scenes are done so well seen as though its a silent movie, its all about the imagary. I think a drama is even harder to do than a comedy because people need to show natural emotions. Story line is pretty good and it shows how different status classes act in certain circumstances. The last scene when it shows peoples lives going in different directions was a great ending. The massage scene is a little bit funny. Worth a watch if you have seen other Chaplin films.

Kara H (ru) wrote: Love these two, but could've been better.

Aj V (ca) wrote: A good sequel to Dr. Phibes, it's just as cool as the first movie, and Price gives another great performance as the good doctor. I enjoyed this movie, it's fun.

Kade C (ca) wrote: The story begins to get more intense as The Order of the Phoenix adds to the darker powers growing, and Harry learning even more about his family and past. Though it drags at times, it is still a fun adventure, and you can begin to see the finale on the horizon.

Jacob M (ca) wrote: Mulan is the Chinese tale of a girl trying to save her father and bring honor to her family. She impersonates a man to join the military for the fight against the Hun army. For every person who has a parent that is sick and defenseless this story strikes home. Anyone would do the same to insure that their parent doesn't die while at war. That is why I think it resonates so deeply with the audience today. The music is top tier and the voice acting is on point. The character of Mushu is the comedic heart of the film that will keep children loving to watch this over and over.

Thomas T (ca) wrote: The plot is way too predictable, but Liam Neeson will never fail to entertain.