Fish, Underground

Fish, Underground


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  • Length:30 minutes
  • Release:2001
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The original subject intended for this film was a spiritual medium who was unbelievably accurate. Tsai Ming-liang jumped on his 50cc motorbike, equipped with a DV camera ready to shoot her, to see whether the god would speak to his camera. But on the way, he was caught in a traffic jam of people gathered at another god’s festival. A man in a trance, flashy karaoke girls on stage, a power black-out. During his diversion, the camera discovers fish and underground passages . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Briana P (jp) wrote: IntroductionThis movie is a darker one compared to other movies talking about teens, but that makes it all the better. It is great in showing real problems in life such as love, loss, friendship and growing up. Perks doesn't just focus on one teen either. It shows different problems with all the characters. It deals with depression, a haunting past and follows the troubles of a gay relationship. The role of friendship plays a big part in how all of the characters come to accept most things about themselves. I also liked that this was a successful movie where the director was also the author of the book. So that means that the movie was close to what the actual book was like.Summary The Perks of Being a Wallflower is about a 15-year-old boy named Charlie. Charlie is dealing with the suicide of his friend. He also deals with things such as shyness and anxiety. Throughout the movie Charlie overcomes some of his shyness and meets his two best friends, Patrick and Sam. By meeting them he becomes a totally different person that he was. He experiences a lot of firsts in his life. His family life is stable, but they do have their problems. At the end we learn of a past action that affected Charlie and made him who he was. It changed the way everyone saw and perceived him. At the end of the movie Charlie learns new things about his mental health and how to deal with it. He also leaves us with a new sense of hope about his future and those around him. Scoring System The scoring system for this review will be 1-6 stars. 1 being the worst and 6 being the best. I will be scoring each category individually and then at the end I will give it an overall score.Music: 6 Music played a big part in this movie because it was how Charlie and a lot of the other characters would express themselves. It was really popular to show how they were feeling using mixtapes. The music that was chosen was relevant and was known to most people so they could relate to it while watching the movie. Also there was a point in the movie where there was a song that was connected with one of the relationships in the movie so it was important to them too. Song playlist for the movieActors: 5 The actors chosen for the movie I think was good for the most part. The three main ones who were portrayed by Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller played their parts perfectly. Emma Watson played Sam with so much emotion throughout the whole performance that it could be said that it has been her best so far. Within the first few minutes of the movie we could see that Lerman was perfect for the part of Charlie. I rated it only a 5 because there were a few actors and actresses that I felt weren't right for the part. The role such as Mary Elizabeth who was played by Mae Whitman could have been better. But overall I think that it was a great cast. Logan Lerman as Charlie Emma Watson as SamCharacters: 4The characters in the movie could be compared to the ones in the book. Even though the author of the book was also the director I feel as if the characters were different in each one. The book I felt was more detailed about them and their problems. The movie could have gone a little deeper with them all and gave them a little something more. Even though they were a little vague as far as what the character could have been they were still good and all had a great message to show. Plot: 6 The plot for this movie was great. It gave everyone a sense of what goes on through a teenager's life: spoken and unspoken. It gave insight on different types of problems that a young adult could have and how to deal with them. It's hard to find a movie that discusses these problems and still seem interesting. At the end is when it gets interesting with a plot twist that shocks everyone involved. The movie keeps us on our toes with everything that the characters have to go through. We get to see how it effects each of them and how they deal with their problems and also keeping up with friends and school.Conclusion Overall I would give this movie a 5.5 out of 6. This movie is one of the best ones I have seen so far. It really touches everyone who watches in a good way. It teaches everyone a lesson by the end on how to cope with their problems and also how to help. Even with the "bad" things in it I would still recommend this movie to anyone who will listen.

Jason T (br) wrote: Not at all original just a ripoff of Red, Snatch, and Taranito's films. Silly plot with some bad acting. It was a little entertaining in parts but a forgetable DTD film.

cj o (ag) wrote: Looks to stupid and cheesy for me. It's just an excuse to get kids hyped up about an action movie with kids doing the action. I'll bet there's not any REAL action in this movie at all. But then again, Corbin Bleu movies tend to suck.

Liam C (ru) wrote: I feel like the spirit of Bob Fosse came back for one last party because his energy is all over this film. The film starts out fast and just keeps going from there and is a fantastic and fun film with absolutely perfect editing. Given the theme and feel, I did expect Roxie to be a bit different but she has her transformation the longer the film goes on, she was great as a puppet though, excellent makeup and acting there. When someone says her name in full, it did make me laugh, I was expecting someone to sing, 'Roxanne'; you would have thought that she would have stopped Amos saying things to the cop before it got too far, though. It did make me laugh that Billy called Amos, Andy, for obvious reasons. Richard Gere though, wow, he has spent a whole career with his co-stars winning Oscars all around him and I still can't believe he wasn't nominated, not just for this but in general. He was excellent in this film, just through and through, excellent, also I loved the way he said 'razzle dazzle'. Zeta-Jones, C. Reilly and Latifah were all excellent as well and just add up to a perfect cast that knock it out of the park. I know the film is a satire and while I liked the story and found it interesting, as well as funny, I can't say that the theme of 'fame is fleeting' and corruption is particularly groundbreaking. When Lucy Liu is introduced it seems natural enough as to what happens next but when the ending happens with someone pulling out a gun on the street, it seemed rather fake, coupled with Roxie's newspaper, covered in water, on the street, however, like I said, it's supposed to be a satire, so that might be the point. I'm aware that some songs are supposed to be metaphors and some represent what a character is thinking but it did bother me that a very small fraction of the songs actually 'happened'. They're all good in their own right, very memorable and fun to watch, with the tap dance part being a particular highlight of what it is meant to represent in its scene, but it just feels like this gives more ammunition to those who think that musicals are pointless because of the singing and some could say they seem like somewhat of an afterthought. But then again, some could argue that if someone thinks like that, then that is their problem and not the film's, which is technically true. I'm sure the success of 'Moulin Rouge!' certainly helped but I think this winning Best Picture was a perfect for its time, not only because it was an excellent film but because of what it has done. Besides the absolute train wreck that is the 75th Academy Awards, with 'Adaptation.' and 'About a Boy' not receiving more love, with 'Gangs of New York' not winning anything and the fact that 'The Pianist' won anything at all is completely 'erroneous', did you see what I did there? I know I'm in the minority, but this winning Best Picture seems right and the fact that '8 Mile' won its Oscar as well helped the musical revival become complete; however, given all this won, I thought it would have won Best Original Song as well, maybe it came in 2nd place, who knows? And hey, Nicole Kidman won an Oscar that year as well, woo. With its excellent music, excellent cinematography and editing and a great cast full of great performances, 'Chicago' is a fun film that I had a blast with, I mean, look at how short this review is, and I am glad that I have finally seen and is another film off of the list.

Ryan W (ca) wrote: It is your average American Joe police thriller but also it is a family drama that does provide some emotion to it and De Niro does well in his usual role as a well respected cop it could have been better but I have seen worse

Andy A (de) wrote: Despite John Irvin's relatively benign track record, he cranks out a surprisingly coherent and powerful war narrative in the vein of old '50s war comics. It is cynical, realistic, brutal and yet...still leaves room for some hope despite every horrible thing that has passed. Set during the obscure but horribly bloody Hurtgenwald campaign, the movie feels almost hypnotic as you move through a purgatory of minefields, fog and creaking boughs of trees swaying in the rush of wind and steel rain. Ron Eldard stands up very well in the leading role and his gaunt, almost disturbing portrayal of a combat-weary non-com stands out because of the way that it revels in its own anti-conventionalist construction. When all else seems to fail, desperation rules the day...And though its probably a one-hit-wonder for the director, the style of When Trumpets Fade is brought out to the same degree and effectiveness that Saving Private Ryan had done in terms of its saturation. EVERYTHING seems faded, worn and tired. This is definitely the pinnacle of indie war films and is in every way on par with other movies of its genre (e.g. Saints & Soldiers)

Matt A (ca) wrote: Lance Armstrong is painted out to be a compulsive liar and an all around douche, which I imagine is how he was. However it wasn't as damning as it could of been, yes there were scenes were he is incredibly charismatic and likeable, all through the efforts of a brilliant performance from Ben Foster, one of the most criminally underrated actors out there, but it could've gone deeper. This never really delves into his character, his childhood or anything like that, we are literally taken into the story when he is already an adult and cycling... At just 100 minutes long its quite short. Although I did like the use of news footage of interviews with fans describing how inspirational and influential he is to them.... really did hit home how damaging his lies were. Is it worth repeated viewings? Not really, nothing about this stands out and I had to force myself to watch this as the trailer didn't really scream ''WATCH ME!''. Not really worth buying. Probably wait until it comes on Netflix.

Colin F (ru) wrote: Disappointing sequel, it could never really of been as good as the first film but it does not even come close. To enjoy this film its best not really to think about it as the plot has more holes than a bag of hoola hoops! It such a bloody terrible script and in most scenes you think why! Why has Dr Phibes taken his organ to Egypt with him and how on earth did he get it into the middle of a mountain! Maybe am thinking about it too much! On the plus side there are some positives, its great seeing Vincent price as Dr Phibes again and he does come up with some good dodgy murders, the most bizarre the one with the scorpions, Robert Quarry is good as his advisory Beiderbecke and like the first film it??s made to a very high standard of production. It??s just a shame the story was so lousy, a bit of a wasted opportunity and probably why they did not go for a third film. Still worth a watch.

Lucas S (kr) wrote: Best Movie Ever Made Me Cry For 30 Minutes After. The only reason people would give in a bad review is because they've never seen it.

Camille L (fr) wrote: Inside Man est un solide thriller avec quelques bons twists, des dialogues plutt bien crits et des acteurs pour le moins concerns. Denzel Washington, Jodie Foster et Clive Owen sont excellents dans les trois rles charnires du film et les seconds rles font le boulot, mais Spike Lee semble tre loin de son niveau habituel. Si le film est ralis proprement, il manque cruellement de personnalit et en dehors d'une belle ide avec des interrogatoires entremls avec ce qu'il se passe dans la banque, rien n'indique la prsence de l'excellent ralisateur la barre. Dommage. Le score de Terence Blanchard est trs bon.

Claudette A (jp) wrote: Yah! A movie about single Mum's. It's funny how all of them find a man by the end of the movie. What about just staying a single mum!

Senor C (it) wrote: One of my favorite video store back in the day used to have a fantastic horror section that they devoted a little room to that even had a coffin in it that had a guy that used to pop up & scare the shit out of you. I think the last movie that I rented from there was Killer Workout & I thought it was a piece of shit. 20 plus years later I remembered nothing about it so I had a great longing to see it again. I should have left well enough alone. It's Perfect meets Friday the 13th..sorta. Just some terrible 80s music which will drive any self respecting music lover to the brink of insanity. Jane Fonda would even shoot herself. This tries not to be by the numbers by having the weapon of choice being a large diaper pin. Well I guess you gotta try to look for some originality by the late 80s. Beware though there's some of the most disgusting things in this Ive ever seen in this - burnt sugar boobies

Molly R (es) wrote: This was very crude, but I found it funny for the most park.