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Kenneth P (de) wrote: Na La Proie en A Bout Portant alweer een ijzersterke en intense actiethriller van onze zuiderburen. Aanrader!

Leslie L (br) wrote: A group of friends head for a mountain-top cabin (which, by the way, is nicer than most everyday houses...not exactly rustic). Unfortunately they are also in the area of the historically ill-fated Donner Party whose ghosts didn't make nearly enough appearances given the exceptional makeup they wore. Paranoia, possession, guns, snow, generator on the blink and a ridiculous ending. Still, quite watchable. The biggest disappointment for me was that the writer of this film didn't take the time to read the archaeological updates from the last few years in which the cannibalism aspect of the Donner Party has been disproved.

Lavinia W (kr) wrote: A waste of good actors. Nothing felt like it fit together. The relationships between the characters seemed forced and the "diminished capacity" aspect came about like an aside instead of being the driving force of the movie.

Ryan D (de) wrote: The first song in the explains it all. Gratuitist Nudity. If you like male nudity and silly musicals, this is for you. It's a series of unconnected songs with the sole purpose of being fun, funny, and naked.

Katerina C (nl) wrote: kinda stupid .... oh well

welcome to the world lil bro love ya (gb) wrote: this is a funny movie

Bas Z (de) wrote: Gelungene witzige Komdie!

Raffy John M (jp) wrote: A liitle bit confusing though I have love any story about the aftermath of the civil war, this film is not one of them.

Johnny F (kr) wrote: One of Steven Spielberg's greatest films.

Not A (br) wrote: "Goddamnit, lady, you don't throw oranges on an escalator!"

Anthony V (jp) wrote: 50 years later and this film still has a powerful impact. Taut, tense, and suspenseful, this well directed, well-acted mystery keeps you engrossed until the last frame.

J W (ru) wrote: One of the best westerns ever made. I never heard of this movie when it was in theaters. Watched it the other day, and loved it! Everything about it was great. I particularly admired the change of scenery. First western I've seen shot in Bolivia. Beautiful country...!

Nick L (br) wrote: Too much talking for a Zombie movie, if you put zombie in the title focus on them and not make it a potential military thriller with all the head military people talking to each all the time.

Jeff B (au) wrote: More irascible than Irrational a character and film, Woody Allen's latest puts forth a Man and premise that appeals to thinkers but ultimately ends up to be more of a head scratcher than heady. Come for the philosophical quandaries capitulated by one of cinema's most prolific and thought-provoking filmmakers, stay for the performances. You'd think that Allen, the auteur who already gave us middle age existential crisis and murder mystery aplenty in films ranging from Interiors to Crimes and Misdemeanors to Match Point (among countless others), could deftly combine the two with better results in Irrational Man, a film with an amazing set-up but not enough of the things that make you go Hmmmmm. He tantalizes audiences with the story of a suicidal philosopher who finds meaning and happiness in planning the perfect murder, but the study of the fundamental nature of existence and meaning boils down to Philosophy for Dummies. Just consider the mind-blowing possibilities of a man well steeped in Spinoza's Ethics trying to debate the purpose of and then executing a Thinking Man's homicide based on this pretzel logic. Fascinating, right? Okay, so the main character prefers to Heidegger and Kant to Spinoza but the intellectual enticement remains the same. Sadly, Irrational Man plays out more as a crime and love story than existential tale. We've seen both already from Allen, and done much better. Still, even mediocre work by this writer-director holds more entertainment value and thought provocation than even the best output of some other filmmakers.In this R-rated thriller, a tormented philosophy professor (Phoenix) considers murdering a corrupt judge to find meaning in his life. After nearly 50 films, he still exhibits an almost uncanny mutant ability for making letter-perfect casting choices. On paper, Abe comes off as a troubled man who teaches Advanced Philosophy while himself only operating at a Philosophy 101 level, but a brooding and bloated performance by Joaquin Phoenix betrays a much more complex man. The writing might not make you believe the existential quagmires at stake, but this talented actor nearly sells filmgoers on the bigger picture. Meeting him beat for emotional beat, Emma Stone operates as a moral compass whose candor and sympathetic heart ground this fair-to-middling thriller. Bottom line: Psycho Babel