Five Fingers

Five Fingers

Martijn, an idealistic Dutch pianist, travels to Morocco to help start a food program for malnourished children. Within moments of his arrival, however, Martijn is abducted by a group of terrorists, injected with a debilitating drug, and imprisoned. Under threat of death, the young man engages in a mental chess match with Ahmat, trying to learn his captor's true objective and avoid a horrible fate

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   torture,   pianist,  

In Morocco to assist with the creation of a food charity, a Dutchman is abducted by a terrorist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex G (ca) wrote: As a film, its pretty damn awful. No tension. Predictable scenes. But damn, this film has some of the funniest deaths and they are done in such weird ways. Also, the lines may not be delivered well, but they are FUNNY. When the local health inspector (main character) tries to convince the mayor to shut down the water system because of the mutated slugs, he gets this response: ""YOU DONT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO DECLARE HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN THIS TOWN"

Derek O (br) wrote: I liked James Franco's book better, but the film was something of a different soul, less about the plot and themes and more about a general atmosphere of teenage angst. Made all the more evocative by Devonte Hynes's awesome score, but ultimately made real by the great actresses and actors.

i C (us) wrote: 2/10 Reminded me of Brick Mansions the way how shit RZA is as a bad Guy. Now they have even done the worst thing you can do in a MA film- putting CGI in, ffs. I've seen 5 movies with Tonny Jaa and Ong Bak remains the only good one, horrible ratio. The Protector 2 is different but in the end exactly as awful as the first one

bloody w (kr) wrote: Owen Wilson is a talking dog enough said

Michelle S (jp) wrote: Not my kind of humor. Jemaine Clement and Jennifer Coolidge were the saving graces of the movie.

Dodi D (mx) wrote: Schreckliche, wahre Geschichte die mich trotzdem nicht emotional erreicht hat.

Yash B (au) wrote: It was good when I was a kid and it's still nostalgic for fans of the show. The show is definitely much better.

Valencia C (au) wrote: This was a good movie! I LOVED IT! I LOVED IT!

chiquita b (fr) wrote: Kundun was a very inspiring movie. It showed the growing and teachings of the Dali lama from a child to an adult. They taught him the love and compassion he should have for the people, and how to act and think like a Buddhist leader. Even though he used his greatness to his advantage, in the end he came to a balance and became a great leader. He had to take the role of kundan, and later try to deal with china and having to flee to India. I think starting him off at a younger age and teaching him kind of got him prepared for what was to come. It showed the leader of a country through the eyes of a little boy even when he wasn't taking life that serious, which brought life to the movie. I think when he had to look at the lives of the people taking, and flea it brought sadness to the movie. I think this plays a big part of world religion and the Buddhist faith. To get a glance of what happens and the rising of an up and coming leader is a big deal. They train there leaders over time. They just don't do it over night. They train there leaders with compassion and love. They also train them with an iron fist. Buddhist are really picky about who they choose as leaders. The movie touched points in what I learn about Buddhist about how they view people and life. They are all about love and doing well into others. There karma and enlightment on each other places the biggest part on how they treat people. For the little boy to become a good leader he had to go through stuff and learn how to go through it with the training of others and his mother. Even the death of his father was a big learning experience for him

Jose M (ag) wrote: It's no surprise seeing a romance-comedy film that will either really smart and funny or bad or a Katherine Heigil film. Quintessentially, you have a woman down on her luck or one with a terrible boyfriend, but will soon fall for another man. Obstacle and challenges will come, but soon it becomes a happy ending. I pretty much saw familiar elements in Moonstruck although Moonstruck is amped with attitude, religion, superstitious, and Italians centering on its star Cher while poignantly questioning love, marriage, and age. It starts with a bizarre proposal scene in a restaurant with Johnny and Loretta. Johnny is leaving to Italy to visit his mother who is minutes away from death. He instructs before his departure that she must find his estranged brother and invite him to the wedding. She discovers Ronny played by Nicolas Cage, an angry man with one hand. He blames Johnny for his misfortunes in life. Loretta seeking to make amends pursues him to show up at the wedding and ends up sleeping with him. Ronny, who is described by her as a wolf, confesses his love to her. It's pretty exuberant from there on. The performances from the cast is refreshing and funny although sometimes sad. The writing is witty as it allows there characters to come to life. As one scene, Loretta meets a bitter old woman who curses a plane her fianc is riding. The old lady tells her that she was once in love and then betrayed by her sister. Loretta, a widow, is disturbed by it and constantly talks about the "bad luck" which it doesn't get better when she meets Ronny. Cage is pretty hilarious especially with the rant scene. This will set up one of my favorite slap scenes of all time. This is a must watch along with Vicky Cristina Barcelona, another excellent romance film.

Jon P (ru) wrote: With all the campy charm of Scooby-Doo and stiff-upper-lip sarcasm of an Ealing comedy, Douglas Hickox's horror classic is British cinema to die for.Gleefully clumsy and rich with tribute and terror, the film plays out as a catalogue of Shakespearian slurs and murderous melodramatics, with Vincent Price stealing each and every succeeding show in an ever more extravagant manner. Price is simply too good for words and the guy certainly knows how to make an exit. They don't make 'em like this anymore.

Simon T (fr) wrote: I'm with Woody Allen: I just don't 'get' SLIH. Very hard to explain why it leaves me cold. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis are expert farceurs, Billy Wilder has helmed several fine movies across different genres. The premise is clever and worked out logically. But it's JUST NOT FUNNY. Every sequence is laboured and overextended. All the air is squeezed out. Whereas the genius of The Odd Couple, say, is that the viewer is allowed in and the performers are allowed to riff and extemporise. Anyway, not for the first time I gave up after an hour. Not my bag.

Pandy 3 (ag) wrote: The very first picture that Stanley Kubrick directed is a short black and white documentary that revolves around a boxer and his fight. Through heroic and dramatic background music and wonderfully vivid narration we get a taste of how a young boxer is going about, both physically and mentally, on the day of an important fight. A series of important steps that has to be followed, just like a protocol, to ensure his participation as well as his possible victory. It may seem odd that in just a few minutes Kubrick managed to show his primary but evident talent in both cinematography and script writing. Highly recommended for the amazing script via narration, which captures the essence of a serious athlete's preparation and worries ;)

kaela p (jp) wrote: I have not seen the movie yet

Dustin P (ag) wrote: It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. Maybe I was expecting too much after seeing that 95% of critics liked it. I've seen much better films that got much lower scores than that. It was well acted and the effects were good, but the story was always either boring or just confusing and bizarre. It's a really odd movie and maybe people like it just because it's different from other films. I personally just didn't care for it that much.

Adam R (it) wrote: I am shocked that people actually enjoy this. It is considered Jane Fonda's breakthrough and Lee Marvin won an Oscar for his two roles, but don't ask me how or why. I found it really boring and the "The Ballad of Cat Ballou" really wears on you. It didn't have the spirit of a Western and it was an unfunny attempt at a spoof. (First and only viewing - 8/10/2014)