Fixing Frank

Fixing Frank

Frank (Miller) is a gay journalist who goes undercover at the urging of his therapist boyfriend Jonathan (Provenza) to write an exposé of Dr. Apsey (Butler). Apsey performs conversion therapy on gay male clients, a practice which Jonathan finds reprehensible. Frank quickly comes clean with Apsey but continues to meet with him under the pretense of interviewing him, but finds himself questioning himself, Jonathan and their six-year relationship.

Gay journalist, Frank Johnston sets out to write an expose on Dr. Apsey, a therapist who claims to convert gays to straight. Enlisted by his psychotherapist boyfriend, Jonathan, Frank finds... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcus M (ag) wrote: While this movie is filmed in the same fantasy style of Amilie, wacky and offbeat and full of disney like sing a long musical scenes, the actual tone of the movie couldn't be more different. This is one of the most depressingly sad movies I have seen. Matsuko's tragic downward spiral is seen in flashback by her nephew finding out about her mysterious life.

BSH n (us) wrote: This movie portrays exactly how it is to simply be a lucky man. I very much enjoyed the story line and the twist; that I didn't see coming. It was very original and Woody Allen always amazes me with fresh new ideas. This movie was released quite awhile back but it was only recently that I came upon it, I am happy I did. I really enjoyed the sound track in this film, it gave the film a sort of elegance. I think it was very easy to identify and feel empathetic towards both Noel and Chris. I loved trying to uncover who Chris really was, I still find myself contemplating on that matter. Was he a sociopath? a social climber? a reckless individual who wanted something better? From the very beginning I felt myself drawn to him but near the end I no longer liked him but was intrigued and puzzled by his motives. The twist in the end was very thrilling and unexpected. I do recommend this film if your in the mood some thing abit different.

Martin T (gb) wrote: Not so interesting, especially when it falls back on the hackiest of hackneyed devices: amnesia. Almodovar does have a brilliant eye which brought life to a few scenes, but for the most part the story just floundered around and the characters were lifeless. The ending is a puzzler and inconsistent with the development of Pablo's character. Either it's meant to be Antonio's fantasy or Almodovar is just being operatic (which seems more likely). Not bad, but not really worth the time.

Toni S (au) wrote: Great way to discover British history.

Devon B (gb) wrote: A hard-nosed private detective named Philip Marlowe (Dick Powell) gets hired for a pair of seemingly disparate simple jobs only to find himself in the middle of murder and intrigue. One case involve finding the missing girlfriend of a big, giant gorilla named Moose (Mike Mazurki), who's been away in the joint only to come back and find her gone without a trace. Marlowe doubts the veracity of this relationship but tracks down the girl's former boss anyway (well, former boss' wife). The second job comes from a guy named Mariott (Douglas Walton) and involves accompanying him to a drop-off location with some money, in order to pick up a jade necklace that had been stolen from Mariott's lady friend. But who stole the necklace? For that matter, who owns it? Marlowe gets it from all sides, including a quack psychiatrist who administers hypodermic needles full of who-knows-what. Dick Powell may have been a strange choice for Philip Marlowe: most of his films up until that point had been song-and-dance numbers, and he was known more for romantic comedies than tough and grizzled detectives. Perhaps that's why his performance has an air of comedy behind the tough guy persona. Whatever the case, it's the John Paxton script and Edard Dmytryk direction that wring the pulp from the original Raymond Chandler novel. The plot is thick and complex, and I'm not even really sure if all the loose ends get wrapped up in the end, but I don't think that's the point. It's the strange case, the journey, the style that all add up to something dynamic and amazing.

Frances Ann A (ru) wrote: I agree with those reviewers who call it enjoyable, perfect, fast-paced, and intelligent. This is one of the top 10 comedies ever made.

Ben D (ca) wrote: In a way it's cold but strong,tone makes it in some way better than the the - maybe even overly romantic though beautiful and impressiove 1992 adaptation. And this version is visually beautiful as weel, plus sexy. But especially I liked the way the actor of Dracula portrayed him. The tense, arrogant, cunning and self-assurent being was really impressive. Especially when combined to the beautiful shaded eyes and that adorable wake of a smile we see in some scenes.

Zachary Y (au) wrote: John Slattery largely fails at both writing and directing, though the film's cast shines. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, John Turturro, Christina Hendricks and Richard Jenkins are all fantastic, even if the plot and visuals are convoluted and less than engaging.

Ky K (au) wrote: The atmosphere is good, but it's a plane horror film with poor performances.

Ad O (us) wrote: james carville's cnn commentary means so much more now. and mary matalin, albeit republican, is a great speaker!if only hill and bill had more kids so we could live through a classic clinton campaign for every generation!

Mitchell Z (au) wrote: You Only Live Twice isn't the best Bond film, but it does feature some great action and the first facial appearance of Blofeld. Connery does a great job once again, but the film simply doesn't have the same spy movie feel as his first three outings as the character.