Flame in the Wind

Flame in the Wind

Set in the splendor and terror of the Spanish Inquisition, Flame in the Wind tells the story of Carlos, an earnest young nobleman who is faced with a choice: the church system offers safety, protection, and respectability; the Scriptures offer Christ and salvation from sin—and with these torture and death.

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Richard M (fr) wrote: Somehow it manages to get dumber the longer it plays. "Hey! let's film it like a first-person shooter video game! That worked well for the DOOM! movie!"

Hemant P (ag) wrote: Romeo and Juliet was better. Boring Movie

Cristina V (ag) wrote: Njjddddfcgnm..rrtttt

Micah K (mx) wrote: The film seems to be a commentary on the aggressive bankers that caused the collapse of the housing market in late 2006. If you listen carefully in scenes where they are sitting in the car, you can here a faint talk-radio discussion about the financial crisis. Included in the film are subtle clues like Dougray Scott's speech about lower-class people becoming leeches that the state will have to pay for (a direct political undertone about people on welfare programs). Another undertone relates to uncontrollable inflation where the Federal Reserve loans money at a rate faster than banks can cover up. In late 2011, news about the Fed went viral on the internet when a report surfaced, detailing how the Fed funneled 7.7 trillion dollars into financial institutions at a rate of 0.01%. TARP was $50 billion and the public knew about it. It seems rather strange that a film made in 2008 had so many references to the sub-prime crisis. Also, there is a theme "you either kill or be killed" in the movie which parallels the ideology of the bankers in America today. People keep relating this film to "The Game." If I remember correctly, "The Game" was about one wealthy brother playing a giant prank on his brother and the entire route was planned. That's completely different from this film. This film is more like the Richard Connell's short story "The Most Dangerous Game," which was also about a rich man hunting human "because he could." The film is widely misunderstood as the general public seems to have failed to relate the clues to the current events that were happening at the time. I could be wrong about the films depiction of the toxic asset agenda, but if people really thought about what was said in the film, the resemblances are realistically identical to events that happened just a couple years before the film's release

James T (es) wrote: Can you guess what minorities, an RV, crepes, skipping school, empty beer kegs, and a funeral all have in common??? watch this movie to find out!!!!!!!

Nikolai E (jp) wrote: I saw this in a Kino catalogue and I LOVE the title, so I checked it out on Netflix. And you know, for the first half-hour or so, this film was pretty compelling as nothing more than a naturalistic day-in-the-life of illegal workers on the edge of survival, and if it had maintained that tone of day-in, day-out routine exploitation, it could have been a pretty effective statement about illegal immigration. Unfortunately, it degrades into a half-assed mexploitation 'Funny Games' for the last hour for no reason that I can ascertain, and all the authenticity and entertainment value goes out the window. The film is so much more interesting when it's just calmly observing desperate people than when it's dealing with a message that's both shallow and overwrought using cheap shocks and mistaking tension for dead air. Don't bother.

Joe H (gb) wrote: Cassel is great in this

Paul E (us) wrote: Sometimes icons should remain icons. Peter Berlin was a beautiful man, but in reality he seemed to be very shallow, very vain. This documentary proves it, but there are a few touching moments, especially when he talks about the death of his partner. Worth seeing for the historical value.

The Critic (kr) wrote: Taking a different route to other big screen adaptations of classic TV shows, 'The Brady Bunch Movie' pits the titular family in a contemporary setting whilst keeping themselves in a time warp with old-fashioned values, sensibilities, and attire. It's a gag that works incredibly well, as much humour is derived from the ever-optimistic Brady's obliviousness to the cynical world around them. The film also parodies much-loved highlights from its primary source (most famously "Marcia, Marcia. Marcia") and whilst the cast don't exactly look like their original incarnations, they do capture the essence of their characters with great effect. This is a clever and consistently fun offering. Followed by 'A Very Brady Sequel' (1996) and 'The Brady Bunch in the White House' (2002).

Zechariah H (fr) wrote: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has some of the greatest characters, stories, and visuals you will likely ever see in a sci-fi film.

Ric E (ag) wrote: I thought this film was fascinating and compelling, plus has a perfect ending, It should rate much higher . I've seen my share of bad films and this one is very good - A perfect super natural movie !

Matthew H (nl) wrote: Want to time travel back and see dinosaurs

Prentice S (ag) wrote: "Maps to the Stars" is an interesting film, but one that doesn't live up to the legacy of David Cronenberg or the star power that the film possesses. John Cusack, Mia Wasikowska, Olivia Williams, and Evan Bird all do tremendous work to show how dysfunctional a family can be, but the story is so shakey and in-human that it's impossible to care about the outcome. By the end, I'm sort of waiting for them all to implode on themselves and when they do, I find myself satisfied, but not for the right reasons. I can't bring myself to dislike "Maps to the Stars," but I can't find a way to love it either.

Richard B (nl) wrote: I really like James Franco, so I was interested in this film that he wrote in and has a supporting role; the trailer also looked real good as well. I wasn't a huge fan of this film as I didn't really care for any characters at all as they just seemed like spoiled rich kids acting out and partying. There were some really good scenes and I liked the cinematography quite a bit as well. The highlight of the film for me as the music and the feel of the movie and how these two worked together so well. I also thought the performances were good and the cast was solid, but I just wasn't interested in the characters too much and got a little bored with some of the film.

Addie A (de) wrote: What a great surprise to realize this was "that good romance with the flours and the tax guy" I had seen years ago! But there's so much more to this movie that I didn't remember! Glad I purchased it. Just love it!

Caitlin L (fr) wrote: It took a little awhile to get into. Loved the ending. So touching. Another home run for Nicholas Sparks.

Shane D (br) wrote: This is more like it. One of my favourite Pixar shorts by a mile. Its a visually stunning piece. Pixar = Greatness.

SagaciousFrank (kr) wrote: This is a fantastic simple, straight-forwarded, slow burning old school Western with horror elements. I wouldn't call it a horror per se, but there are a few disturbing and gruesome moments. Four men from the small village of Bright Hope go out in search of some cave-dwelling, inbred Indian cannibalistic troglodytes who abducted three of their village folk. I love slow burner's like these which develop character (the back up Deputy in particular is amusing) and tension is kept high through an oppressively looming and lingering threat which could happen anytime. The script is strong and the acting solid from all the cast. Kurt Russell is always likeable in my opinion, and it's a shame he isn't leading more films these days, but he certainly has the look and demeanour of a hardy, taciturn Sheriff of the old Wild West. 4.5/5*