Flames of Love

Flames of Love

A multi-plot story that tackles the pressing issues surrounding the modern-day family – drug addiction, infidelity, promiscuity and even abortion.

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Zach C (fr) wrote: Pelotero es muy bueno. Pelotero es sobre dos shortstops, Miguel Angel Sano y Jean Carlos Batista. Son muy atleticos. Son muy trabajadores. Son de la RD.

Jamie I (ag) wrote: I have been a fan of the Resident Evil games for quite some time. I remember playing in my old apartment when no one was home and hearing strange noises that weren't coming from the game. In this aspect Extinction doesn't disappoint. There are quite a few jumpy moments. Also, Extinction introduces those bastard crows which can slowly pick you to death in the games. But zombies, the backbone of the games, are a bit scarce in this film which terribly disappointed me. I mean that was how the franchise started. Why abandon it? Instead Extinction focuses on Alice and a convoy of unimportant characters who soon meet their death headed by game fav Claire Redfield. Returning are L.J. (Mike Epps) and Carlos (Oded Fehr). Remember how funny L.J. was in Apocalypse? He has no funny time here. In fact he's the first of the convoy to go zombie. Too bad. He was funny. I also didn't realize Las Vegas would look like Yuma if left to the desert. Who knew? The super saddest part of the flick is when Carlos gets chawed on. Alas, he goes down like a true champ. He plows the gas truck into the Umbrella stronghold in Vegas, finds a stashed joint and smokes it before he blows up the truck. I'll miss you Carlos. Good news for the remaining survivors the cure lies in Alice's blood! But that's the last we hear of that. Alice spends the remaining few minutes of the film threatening Umbrella's big boss Sunglasses Man with her newly formed clone army. Weird eh? I guess in the end I was just a little disappointed. So I'll leave it up to you.

Randy P (ru) wrote: Honestly funnier then most adam sandler and eddie murphy movies.

Leonard D (us) wrote: This had potential, but squandered on developing the characters, and creating a good story!

Diegane M (ru) wrote: Malgre sa belle gueule et un talent de bastonneur qui n'a rien a envie a celui de Jet Li et consorts, Marc Dacascos n'a jamais vraiment eut la carriere qu'il meritait, la faute a des choix douteux (En sursis...ouch !) et a des realisateurs execrables ( a l'exception de Christophe Gans qui lui a offert deux roles cultes dans Crying Freeman et le Pacte des Loups).J'ai donc telecharge ce film uniquement a cause de la promesse hypothetique de quelques beaux fights entrevus sur Youtube.De ce cot la, je n'ai pas ete deu vu que Drive permet a Dacascos d'exprimer pleinement son immense talent martial a travers des choregraphies nergiques qui font la part belle aux acrobaties (on notera juste une tendance enervante a prendre la pose ).Mis a part la castagne, Drive est une serie B de videoclub a la limite du Z ce qui lui ont confere etrangement un petit capital sympathie.En effet, c'est mal joue( et donc marrant, mention speciale a Kadeem Hardison et au mec qui joue le mechant ricain), plein de blagues foireuses (on se demande pourquoi on rit) mais emballe avec un certains sens du rythme qui fait qu'on ne s'ennuie jamais.nfin, le film n'a pas peur du ridicule pour le plus grand bonheur des amateurs de Z (le personnage de Brittany Murphy ou la scene enorme ou Dacascos chante du Sinatra).A voir pour rigoler et pour les combats.

Darius G (it) wrote: This is how you make a football hooligan movie!!

Michael M (kr) wrote: I don't know how this was made.

Daniele C (us) wrote: The most touching (and desperately sad) movie ever.Keaton and Kidman shine!

Samantha S (us) wrote: Rather this than the biopic.

Brandon S (nl) wrote: Empire of the Ants is a celebration of old 50's Monster Movies and how the genre was absolutely terrible. You have ants that are blown up and superimposed in the background and actors that have to "fake it" the entire time. The movie is really awful and got progressively worse through out its duration. Some of the scenes with the monster ants are painful to watch, really, they are that horrible. How does this happen? How can you cast veteran actors like Joan Collins (Dynasty) and Robert Lansing (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) to star in a huge piece of crap like this? Well I guess its not hard, just offer them most of the money that you have been allotted to make the picture. Other than Joan and Robert the rest of the actors are laughable at best; to the point where I was actually relieved when certain cast members were killed. But, that's just one of the problems with the movie. The movie is loosely based on a short story by H.G. Wells. It's main focus is on a group of tourists on a timeshare tour when they run into a bunch of radiated and mutated ants. Funny thing about the movie is that the ants are never the same size; they grow and shrink depending on the scene. In some cases Ants are as big as dump trucks, in others they are about the size of an average man. The director had trouble controlling the ants so in some scenes you have ants crawling on the sky or trying to climb up the sides of a tiny set. Its pretty eff'ng hilarious. There is nothing in this movie that makes it actually scary, it is just a terrible film. I dare anyone to watch this movie and tell me that it was amazing! You couldn't! Its hard to fathom how this movie even made it to the big screen. And so I give this movie a 2 out of 10. It made me chuckle, and if you want to fit this one into a movie marathon I would sandwich this in between Eaten Alive and the original The Crazies. I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords S!D

Kevin Y (es) wrote: screw the cridicts I liked it. please make the second. alsi while you're at it make ravens gate as well.

Johnny B (it) wrote: a rather good movie I'd say. Makes me really want to read the Allan Moore Graphic Novel.