Flaming Star

Flaming Star

Sam Burton's second wife Neddy is Indian, their son Pacer a half-breed. As struggle starts between the whites and the Kiowas, the Burton family is split between loyalties.

The film is based on a novel written by Clair Huffaker. It is about a half-breed young man who is stuck in a difficult circumstance between loyalty to the whites and the Indians. What will he do to deal with that serious problem? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (au) wrote: Half the truth is told in Paper Heart, but half of it is a goofy unrealistic mockumentry. Charlene Yi plays herself as she interviews many people all about love and if it exists or not. Her friend Michael Cera get together and start bonding as a documentry crew films them throughout the whole entire movie. Some of the interviews are told by string puppets which are one of the showstoppers of this picture. Just once in one of the segments I felt it was made up. This mockumentry doesn't do much to me because I am not sure if I will fall in love ever. The acting is clumsy most of the time and the ending is just to plain silly. It gets rusty in the third act. But Paper Heart's Heart doesn't rust that much as it does tell a certain truth about love.72/100 B-

Jason B (mx) wrote: Great little indie horror movie. A lot of the success is due to the job done by the female lead. She has a wonderful expressive face and although she is doing horribly depraved things there is still a tender side that shines through. There is a humanity to the character that elevates the movie beyond a run of the mill splatter film.

Heather D (de) wrote: great movie and the guys were hella fine!

Henk E (nl) wrote: Nothing new to this movie. It makes no sense what so ever. A group of teenagers break into a research facility to save some animals, but gets killed off one by one by a medical experiment gone wrong. Besides the fact the monster/ghost/zombie, whatever she is, is so unbelievable, there is so many flashing lights and under lit scenes in the movie you get a headache watching it. Give this one a skip.

Tamie S (ca) wrote: Orlando Bloom is just yummy

Steve S (it) wrote: Unneeded and unwanted remake of the old tv series. This one is cheesy and annoying.

Eric H (es) wrote: This movie apparently was made by Martians who'd never seen "Saturday Night Fever," but actually was directed by the usually-on-the-money Sylvester Stallone. If you don't have the 90 minutes to watch the Stallone-John Travolta sequel in its entirety, then try the Patrick Swayze-ChrisFarley Chippendales "Saturday Night Live" sketch. It's basically the abridged "Staying Alive," but funnier and without the forgettable Bee Gees tracks and Frank Stallone ballads. (To be fair, Frank Stallone's "Far From Over" is awesome.)

Iona C (us) wrote: My favourite Carry On... only the British can pull something off like this!

Bill B (fr) wrote: This time around we see Karloff as an ass-kissing director of an asylum, who tries to parlay his minor amount of power into more by sucking up to the local idle rich, going so far as to use the inmates from his hospital as cheap entertainment at their parties. He clashes with a stubborn young woman, who he seeks revenge on by helping a slighted nobleman have her committed.Nice predictable fun, give it a look.

David J (au) wrote: "Stardust" is, indeed, magical, but I never felt particularly immersed in the story.