Flamingo Road

Flamingo Road

Carnival dancer Lane Bellamy finds herself stranded in a southern town ruled by corrupt political boss Sheriff Titus Semple. Lane becomes romantically involved with Deputy Sheriff Fielding Carlisle, a weakling whose career is being driven by Titus. Seeing Lane as a liability to his own political ambitions, Titus mounts a campaign to get her driven out of town. She finds she can't get a job and even gets arrested on a trumped-up morals charge. Released from jail, Lane finds work as a "hostess" at Lutie-Mae's road house, where she meets Dan Reynolds, another member of the town's political machine. They marry and move to a home on Flamingo Road, the town's social pinnacle. Their marriage is soon marked by scandal when a drunken Carlisle visits Lane at home one evening and shoots himself.

Carnival dancer Lane Bellamy finds herself stranded in a southern town ruled by corrupt political boss Titus Semple. Lane becomes romantically involved with sheriff Fielding Carlisle, a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marina T (br) wrote: I was so impressed! This movie reminded me of my homecity Tokushima. Bizan is one of the mountains in Tokushima.

Diego V (es) wrote: Colin Ferrel estava fingindo fingir ou fingindo no fingir?

Amber S (fr) wrote: A poignant story of life that dwells on the imminence of untimely death. Have your handkerchief handy.

Andrew L (au) wrote: A romantic action martial arts film with lots of great stunts and emotions. Really enjoyed the fights between Chan and Allan with full of real style of martial arts. Qi performs a cute and beautiful character.

Travis E (gb) wrote: 3.5/5.0 (great cinematography, though)

Shawn D (mx) wrote: One of the best movies I have seen, but unfortunately also the saddest.

Rob G (ru) wrote: A few cheesy lines, the rest, really a gritty, deep, indulging movie. Rotten Tomatoes is an interesting site. The Tomatoe reviewers give weird ratings, this piece of art gets a 39, Thelma and Louise, a complete piece of horse dung has a huge approval rating. What on earth ?

Eva Q (es) wrote: This was tooooo funny!!!

Julie P (au) wrote: Suckiest Fulci movie I've ever seen, although it was vaguely amusing to make fun of it. Plot sucked and made no sense and there was not even any mega-gory Fulci scenes to redeem the film at all.

Kenneth L (de) wrote: Knowing full well it was damn wrong I still felt a great deal of satisfaction everytime the protagonist put down a bad guy as vengeance for &/or defense of his family.

Lenny R (es) wrote: It's got a pretty standard blaxploitation plot (or at least one that would become standard), and a couple of moments are a bit (unintentionally) ridiculous. But it's well written, skillfully directed, and Pam Grier's performance is outstanding; she moves from concerned sister to gentle nurse to potty-mouthed, shotty-toting vigilante to haunted, jilted woman with complete aplomb. Sure, you could call it sexist, what with Coffy's top being torn off every few scenes, but Grier and the character just wear it (or not), and plough on like it's not relevant - "So I'm topless. Who cares? Get outta my way. I got pushers to kill." She can cope. Coffy's never actually a victim, at least not for long, so it kind of balances out (or at least seems to, to me). The score is excellent (Tarantino doesn't steal from amateurs) and complements the superbly-executed action sequences beautifully. Admittedly, my experience of the blaxploitation genre is less than comprehensive, but of all the examples I've seen to date (including Shaft and Cleopatra Jones, along with Grier's follow-up to this, Foxy Brown) Coffy is definitely my favourite.

Jeremy B (kr) wrote: The movie is a cult classic because it's cheesy, it's funny, and it's fun for the family. Even though the MPAA gave the movie a PG-13, the movie should be PG because it's fun for the family, and Kurt Russell makes the film fun. Cheesiness isn't a big deal at this time. It's the comedy that counts.

Bill B (gb) wrote: A very middle of the road slasher flick, but still enjoyable if you like stuff from the heyday of the genre. Kids begin turning up dead when a young woman returns from the military for her sibling's graduation, leaving us to wonder what all the connections are between the victims.It's nothing great, but an okay time-waster for a boring afternoon.