A husband has his life ruined when he find his wife having sex with another man. He becomes a psycho-sadistic serial killer who kills, rapes and sometimes even eats parts of his victims. ...

A guy catches his wife cheating on him and takes brutal revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg H (mx) wrote: As surmised from the title, this one is about "the struggle". Surprisingly, it's ultimately about the *artist's* struggle and the (anti)hero's journey. A bit superficial and more of a "fanpic" than anything but good stuff for the uninitiated like myself.

Laura B (br) wrote: it's cute and a nice kids movie!

Julien C (fr) wrote: Grosse deception. Certes, Abhishek Bachchan est excellent, la BO de Rahman est un bon cru et les chansons sont tres bien mises en images (c'est tout de meme bien le moins qu'on puisse attendre d'un film de Mani Ratnam). Mais globalement c'est un peu chiant, et surtout ideologiquement plus que douteux. Apres des perles comme Dil Se, Bombay ou Yuva, j'attendais autre chose de Mani Ratnam que cette ode a l'entreprise de croissance. Beurk !

Stanley C (it) wrote: Kangaroo Jack was good for 1 huge laugh, which was where Charlie and Louis are laughing hard and hard then it transitions to Louis crying but Charlie is still laughing because Louis just realized he put $50,000 inside the red jacket he just put on Jack just for fun and so Charlie is hitting Louis like a punching bag for being such an idiot putting all that money inside the wallet Jack's wearing. And then after that, the movie becomes unwatchable dribbling nonsense.

Martin S (au) wrote: It's not a good movie but it was okay to watch. Ben Chaplin is good...Vincent Cassel is good. And Nicole Kidman's russian sound like an asian speaking russian. I wouldn't recomend it. But it's not bad or boring.

Nick A (nl) wrote: I don't know what I was expecting, but this wasn't it. A movie for children, and for that one without the entertainment factor that its peers do have. It deals with divorce and death, but nobody is credible in the way they do it.

Cathy O (nl) wrote: Really, really loved this movie, thought about it for years, very earnest, young Jim Carrey- and wish they made it into a weekly tv show!

Jared G (ru) wrote: Towards the end of his career, Donald Pleasance apparently needed money wherever he could find it. How else to explain his appearance in this stinker? And poor Persis Khambatta! She deserved better. The movie itself is a terrible Mad Max rip-off, but it IS unintentionally funny throughout.

Michael R (ru) wrote: Chuck Norris in one of his comedic roles. Even in a comedy he knows how to kick ass though.