Comedy based on the plight of modern Native Americans living on reservations.

Comedy based on the plight of modern Native Americans living on reservations. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ted P (kr) wrote: If you need a reminder why you hate the vacuous Hollywood left, this is it.

D G (jp) wrote: Good movie but going into it you must know you'll end up asking more questions than receiving answers. The cinematography is gorgeous and that alone for me was worth watching.

Des S (nl) wrote: I wasn't sure if this would be a stupid movie, but I like The Rock so I gave it a chance. It turned out to be a pretty fun little adventure movie.

Darren H (jp) wrote: This little known movie stars Tom Selleck as an American jewel cat thief in pre-World War II London. It's a great movie and has an incredible supporting cast including Bob Hoskins as a police officer doggedly on the title characters trail. Adding beauty to the movie is former Bond girl Jane Seymour as Selleck's girlfriend and the impossibly sexy Lauren Hutton as a Nazi.

(ca) wrote: "Freelancers was a miss for me. I didn't like the movie and I was extremely disappointed to see Mr. De Niro associate himself with such a bad film. The main character, that being the rapper 50 cent, was dull and unimpressive. I didn't care what happened. I just wanted it over with. The movie is another dirty cop film that brings nothing new to the table and is forgetful. I won't be seeing this again."

Darren B (es) wrote: A very dreary movie tackling a heavy subject covering the loss of senses. A well thought out interpretation through film of what the world would be like; how relationships would be like and so forth. Both of the actors did a fantastic job in my opinion. Bottom line: I liked it!