Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon

Three earthlings visit the planet Mongo to thwart the evil schemes of Emperor Ming the Merciless.

(1936) Buster Crabbe, Jean Rogers, Charles Middleton. The first screen version about Flash Gordon and his adventures on the planet Mongo. Still great fun... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Flash Gordon torrent reviews

Jason K (kr) wrote: Watch a heavy handed over performance of Dawson's Creek meets Red Dawn.

John G (gb) wrote: This is a brilliant movie!!! It is very clever concept. The acting is compelling. The movie itself is visually gorgeous. When the movie ended, I could not help feeling a little resentment that they don't make more movies like this one! I am more than a little taken aback by some of the negative reviews on this site and others. Do these "critics" have cornflakes for brains? Were they staring at their navels throughout the whole movie, pining for the next rendition of Saw? This is a great movie!

Lachlan D (ca) wrote: Fincher's direction is always fucking mad. This film is slick, atmospheric, eventful and at times creepy like "Se7en"; I had a ball and in my opinion this film stands alone in spite of the recent release of the 2009 Swedish adaptation.

Fauiah H (de) wrote: belum ketemu dvd nya

Deb K (ag) wrote: This is a competently made but s-l-o-w moving movie with a plot that is about as unoriginal as possible. The scare factor is nonexistent and instead of suspense there is only mind-numbing boredom

Justin D (mx) wrote: Spellbinding. I haven't seen a movie this good in quite awhile.

Artur C (fr) wrote: Really cute. Probably one of the best performances we've seen from Josh Hartnett to date.

Grant H (jp) wrote: Great movie. Very funny, lighthearted, with great performances from its cast.

Julian T (us) wrote: A good doco about a boring & predictable dickhead. Go watch "Pray For Me (The Jason Jessee Film)" instead, now that's a real interesting character... then again Jason Jessee is one of the most fucked up yet interesting skateboarder ever! He should be the President of USA.

Heather M (nl) wrote: I am going to pass on this.

Lee S (ca) wrote: mucky icky sicky gore fest... with gardening implements

Jiana W (ca) wrote: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to one of the most awkward movies you'll ever experience (or at least I experienced.) From start to finish, I was overwhelmed with weirdness. I try to take into consideration that this was made in the 1980s but I really can't. The apes are evil human-chimp hybrid stuffed animals that have no interest in looking authentic or imitating actual chimpanzees other than occasional tool-usage, beat-downs, and tree-swinging. Whether they are animatronic or small humans/children stuffed into ape suits, I'm not sure, nor do I particularly care. Nearly the first hour takes place in the jungle with Tarzan, played by Lord Raiden of "Mortal Kombat" fame. Okay, Christopher Lambert who played Lord Raiden plays Tarzan here. Tarzan grows throughout this first hour from a boy, to a pre-teen, to a teenager, and finally to a man. From boy through teen he is naked. The actors are covered by some skin-tight suit that emulates nudity. Then, inexplicably, as a man, Tarzan starts wearing a loin cloth. Where did he get it and what made him realize he was naked since he's grown up around apes? I dunno. But anyway, this first hour is probably the most interesting portion of the film as far as any sort of action goes. You can turn it off once Tarzan saves the explorer, Philippe. The rest of the film goes waaaaay downhill, through the crust and mantle, straight to the fiery innards of the core of Earth. Jane is introduced and I immediately noticed something weird about her speaking but I could not place it. After turning the film off due to boredom, I looked at a review of this movie and read that Andie MacDowell originally had a Southern accent but it was so terrible that Glenn Close dubbed over it. Throughout the movie the strangeness of this becomes more apparent as the mouth occasionally moves out of sync, like watching the old Godzilla movies. Tarzan and Jane's relationship is stiff and odd but that definitely comes to a head when he makes a move on her for some jungle-style lovin'. Excited, Tarzan makes ape sounds and jumps around before leaning back in to kiss her. Commence the beginning of what could've been an even more bizarre love scene had the director not had mercy and moved on. I could go on, but I'll stop. Just know, that "Greystoke Tarzan", as I call it, is NOT a good version of the Tarzan legend. It is just insufferably weird and incredibly boring. Nearly nothing cool happens once Tarzan leaves the jungle for his stiff Scotland estate. The clash of civilization with his primal instincts could've been illustrated in a better way. For a good King of the Apes flick, you're better off watching Disney's 1999 animated feature, "Tarzan". Ironically, Glenn Close lends her voice to that one as well, this time as Tarzan's gorilla mother, Kala. Or you could watch the live action "George of the Jungle" with Brendan Fraser. Even that's better than this tripe. Definitely, definitely skip it.

Stephen E (de) wrote: "House by the River" is another one of those movies that never answers the oh-so-important question of 'Why should we care?' It's about as boring as you can imagine, underacted and sluggishly scripted. Fritz Lang is a director that I tend to rank above others from his era, but here he just misses the mark.

Jens S (jp) wrote: What a fine movie, finding just the right balance between humor and thoughtful scenes. Especially the writing is excellent, but so is the acting. If Natalie Portman wouldn't have gotten her Oscar nomination for Closer, she would have deserved it for her quirky, natural and wonderful performance in this. Just try not to fall in love with her character. Each awesome song from the soundtrack fits perfectly into the scene it is played in. Such a wise, sad and funny movie with a really unique atmosphere. Kudos to Zach Braff for pulling all that off. And the ending is nothing but perfect.

Alex S (au) wrote: Funny martial arts film with Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung.

Amelia B (kr) wrote: This film is an endearing study of a husband's love for his ailing wife. Cromwell is stubborn and lovable all at once -- a fantastic performance by Stretch Cunningham

(gb) wrote: because this is england.

Weul S (ag) wrote: Upon inheriting his grandfather's castle, a neurologist follows the family tradition in this hilarious Mel Brooks film.