Flash of Genius

Flash of Genius

In this David vs. Goliath drama based on a true story, college professor Robert Kearns (Greg Kinnear) goes up against the giants of the auto industry when they fail to give him credit for inventing intermittent windshield wipers. Kearns doggedly pursues recognition for his invention, as well as the much-deserved financial rewards for the sake of his wife (Lauren Graham) and six kids.

Robert Kearns takes on the Detroit automakers who he claims stole his idea for the intermittent windshield wiper. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark A (de) wrote: one of the best prison films ive seen.

Saad N (ru) wrote: Hansal Mehta's film is as captivating as it is frustrating with it's delinquent writing. Yet we see a more artistic side of a commercial filmmaker transitioning and using the medium of cinema for social awareness.

Jonny L (au) wrote: Well, there goes that franchise.

Jason J (jp) wrote: Goemon proved an Asian box office hit on its cinematic release. Helmed with a bold fresh eye for visuals by Casshern director Kiriya Kazuaki, Goemon is a multi-layered historic action epic tinged with fantasy and impressive swordplay. With elements of Western legends such as Robin Hood and the mythical Pandora's Box thrown in, Goemon is ultimately the story of one man's battle with his need to be free and his destiny.The movie perhaps would've been better in two parts, or even as a trilogy, to allow time to completely unlock each integral character's own story and ambitions. Goemon is a stunning visual treat though I'm not a big fan of CG overuse, but too convoluted in essential plot points. Undoubtedly watchable, it falls short of the epic it wants to be by simply trying much too hard.

Marta R (nl) wrote: Don't usually watch action films, but I thought it was done pretty well... except for ... man eating crocodiles? Little far fetched on that one...

Marc B (ca) wrote: What an unexpected find. Basically a stage play set out on film, like a mix between a low budget Birdman and LA Confidential. It has its faults, and there's a few of them, but it's such a hidden gem that they're easy to look past. Clever, original story with more twists than a jazzed up G&T.

Jose Luis M (ca) wrote: Pelcula innovadora en su poca que da inicio al movimiento nouvelle vague del cine francs , aunque a muchos no les guste es una pelicula refrescante con una hermosa fotografa , banda sonora y unos protagonistas inolvidables .Este ao se cumplen 50 aos de su estreno.

Kim B (ru) wrote: To hate this movie is to hate life. This is a movie about good people who have honest feelings, and who LIVE, and who fix problems they have with others, and so on. No, it won't appeal to people who don't like anything without boobs (well actually, Jane Fonda spends a significant portion of her screen time in a bikini, so that might catch some attention) or gore, but people with brains should like it. Watching movies about the elderly makes me very sad usually (I won't lie; I'm only almost-nineteen and I fear aging and death), but this was mostly not a sad movie. If it was sad I doubt I would have liked it as much. Henry Fonda deserved the Oscar he got for his role here; I've only seen him in "The Grapes of Wrath," but this role was the brilliant farewell from a master actor. I cried a little bit during a few moments of this movie... and seeing as how very few movies as of late have invoked such emotion in me because I am so used to being manipulated, that speaks to the power of this movie. I hope that, when I am old and grey, I have a love like that between Norman and Ethel. - Originally reviewed 4/14/12

Michael N (nl) wrote: Finally got to see one of the best ever. Not sure about that but it was highly engaging and entertaining.

Antonius B (kr) wrote: Who would have thought that a 1932 silent Japanese movie about two little boys would be so entertaining? I found myself mesmerized by their antics, smiling as they made faces and moved about in unison. In the beginning it feels like a very smart version of the Little Rascals, with scenes of bullying and coping with a new school, but it evolves into more than that. The film deals with hierarchy - to their embarrassment, the boys find out their father is subordinate to the father of one of the other boys they know - which has an emphasis in Japanese culture, but boys wanting their fathers to be important is also a universal theme, and the film feels remarkably Western. To watch this film and to consider the American propaganda about the Japanese during WWII is sobering, as is the thought that the child actors would be of age for war in the years to come, but I digress a bit.There is quite a bit to like here. The acting is fantastic, particularly for the period. At a time when overacting in Hollywood was common, here each and every performance seems pitch perfect. The endearing little boys - played by Tomio Aoki and Hideo Sugawara - are outstanding. I was also impressed by the precision of director Yasujiro Ozu's shots. It's really quite intelligent and charming.

Mickey D (ag) wrote: Kevin Spacey was good.

Bridget C (mx) wrote: EXCUSE But I dont buy the bullshit about the South no matter how pretty the story is.

Jax R (fr) wrote: I liked it. I don't care what the critics say. If you want to watch it - watch it. Just for yourself. I appreciate this avenue allows for opinions of others to praise or criticize a movie, and obviously many feel their judgment of this one is correct and that's all there is to it. Fact is, not everyone is going to like it, then there are those that will love it. I think this is one to decide if you want to watch it based not on the opinion of others but your own thoughts, and then choose how it made you feel.