The popular 1980’s dance movie that depicts the life of an exotic dancer with a side job as a welder who true desire is to get into ballet school. It’s her dream to be a professional dancer and now is her chance. The film has a great soundtrack with an Oscar winning song.

Alex Owens, a Pittsburgh steel-mill welder by day, and bar dancer by night, wants to get into ballet school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Flashdance torrent reviews

Isadore H (de) wrote: Wonderfully strange and confusing set up makes Rubber one of the most popular cult hits of the 2000's. a plot that makes no sense filled with crazy characters mashes up with a telekinetic tire to make something entertaining but still somewhat hollow result. Worth a watch though if you're into weird shit like that

Adrienne S (de) wrote: If you've ever thought about going vamp. Watch this movies to make sure you know what could happen.

Tyler S (it) wrote: Really not that terrible of a film. The dancing sequences, the women, and the setting is pretty cool. The father daughter relationship on display is pretty effective and heartfelt which does add a layer of sensitivity that anyone with a heart can relate to. However, all that being said, there isn't a lot of substance on top of that. It is kind of a jumbled mess when it comes to the plot. It didn't make a lot of sense overall. It seemed like the only selling point they had was women dancing on top of a bar. Some decent scenes, but an awful plot prevents this movie from being anything above average.

Bowman W (es) wrote: This movie was ok. Not as good as the previous. Getting tired of the 'being set up' storyline.

Steve S (ru) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Didier B (kr) wrote: Un Bunuel peu connu mais fort intressant. Une fois encore, la morale chrtienne est mise mal. Le racisme est trait avec beaucoup de nuances et d'intelligence. Les personnages sont complexes et voluent tout au long du film. A voir.

Brian S (mx) wrote: a typical warm, gooey 1940s movie with a bit of underdog sports movie thrown in. the story wasn't all that interesting, I didn't think, although the race itself is pretty exciting and there's some underrated character study going on as well. Rooney's character is right out of the cookie cutter (an old pro who can't get back in the game because of what happened "back then"), but he plays it really well. young Liz Taylor shows incredible grace and maturity for a pre-teen actress, but she actually got on my nerves a bit. that's probably due more to the writing than her, but still. I loved Anne Revere--a caring, sharp-witted mother with an actual life story and a benefit of experience that can be totally believed. overall, I don't love this movie, but I liked it more than I was expecting.

Andrew M (de) wrote: VERY deep movie....wow

Ian L (mx) wrote: Worst 1:53:34 ever. If you love movies that aren't funny, then this is the movie for you!

Sasy N (fr) wrote: [02/13] Viel zu viel Story fr einen Film. Schon nach wenigen Minuten schwurbelte mir der Kopf. Die Besetzung ist in Ordnung, kann aber das Steuer auch nicht mehr rumreien. Tommy Flanagan spielt - mal wieder - nur eine sehr kleine Nebenrolle, ebenso wie David Boreanaz und Dominic Purcell.

Samantha S (ag) wrote: ??? it can't wait to own it

Mary B (nl) wrote: Good laughs but a little slow in parts.

Matthew J (ag) wrote: "Without a Clue" has an idiotic premise which surprisingly works because of the efforts of Caine and Kingsley.