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Reece L (mx) wrote: It's beautifully shot and Eva Green is as captivating as ever, but the film just doesn't generate enough conflict to become the schoolgirl melodrama it so desperately wants to be.

Bill M (it) wrote: Whilst it is small of scope (due, quite obviously to limited budget) FAQ About Time Travel is a fun, inventive little oddity, doing a similarly funny english spin on time travel/science fiction as Shaun Of The Dead did to zombie/horror films, even being mostly set in a pub, it's limited scale and setting actually add to proceedings as three mates on a casual trip to their local witness the collapse of the space time continuum over thousands of years and the apocolypse out the window, adding a cleverly british, cant be arsed spin on the genre. This is a funny, likable, sharp little film and a future cult fave if there's any justice. Also featuring a, "what the fuck is she doing in a small, low budget british film?" cameo from Anna Farris.

nicole (jp) wrote: iwant to see because it have intersted tome when i see it

Jarrod R (ag) wrote: It's just fine....3 Mel Gibsons

David L (ag) wrote: Love the painting. Love both actors and even the way the director chose the grainy way of presenting life in the 17th century, but really, it's a bit of a dud.

XxX Hu XxX B (ca) wrote: Itz Alrite But Abit Boring

Kristen L (it) wrote: Fun movie, with great period music and good performances.

Jordan H (au) wrote: Incredible story and spectacular acting. I had to knock of a half star because of the dvd cover. I don't remember any storms and the lightning bolt in the picture gives you the false impression that he can hurl a Sonic Boom.

Pfhler F (us) wrote: My absolute favorite as a young lad. to this day I still want a chrome .45 with a white marble handle.

charles s (ca) wrote: actually pretty damn scary....

Dimi R (jp) wrote: 7. Pretty decent movie. Better than expected.

Aaron G (mx) wrote: Can anyone tell me how old Tintin is supposed to be in this movie? He wavered between being a boy, a teen, and a young man in his early 20s. I only give my most basic gripe because my real problems with this movie would take a boringly-long amount of time to get through... just like this movie.

Chelsea E (fr) wrote: i want to see this movis

David S (ca) wrote: A demon baby, witches, an evil tree, sack-headed lynchmen, and gross ass centipedes. Oy! It wasn't AWFUL, I mean, I did get through the whole thing - somehow. But it's not good, that's for sure.

Greg W (de) wrote: just rewatched lately still holds up pretty good i would argue it's van damme's best movie