Flesh for Olivia

Flesh for Olivia

Olivia, a beautiful hooker under the influence of the violent and degenerate pimp Claudio, uses her charms to seduce young women so Claudio can film them. Things take a turn for the worse when Melody, one of Olivia's willing "victims", suddenly disappears one day. Her roommate Alice fears that she may be next.

Olivia, a beautiful hooker under the influence of the violent and degenerate pimp Claudio, uses her charms to seduce young women so Claudio can film them. Things take a turn for the worse ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brent D (gb) wrote: Inspired, different, and worth watching. This film was a refreshing change from the normal drab. Watch it!

Maksim B (ca) wrote: 5 Days of War is an action-packed modern wartime drama filled with stunning cinematography, realistic war images and credible dramatic moments. Yet, it fails to deliver a coherent message and remains lost in its inability to focus either on the drama of the Georgian people, or on the almost-heroic behavior of an American journalist.For those who are not familiar with regional politics and the Caucasus region, this movie may only interest them in terms of pure war-time drama and action. For the rest, 5 Days of War is a controversial attempt to depict the events of the 2008 Russian-Georgian war. The movie takes the point of view of an American war-journalist who finds himself in the middle of the conflict and gets involved in the conflict beyond the level of what a journalist would expect. Rupert Friend as Thomas Anders has to take side in the conflict and to start defending a human position which somehow gets too much abused (in the political context) by director Renny Harlin. 5 Days of War is surely a cinematographic pleasure to be enjoyed. In terms of camerawork, shootings and sequences, it delivers a surprisingly high level of entertainment. Unfortunately, the content never really matches this outstanding work. Renny Harlin never really decides on what to focus: how bad the Russians are and how unfair the world is towards Georgia; how bad the war as a whole is; or how an American guy decides to take a human side and risk his life for the idea of showing the truth to the world. Indeed, all these three messages are delivered, but the focus is torn between all of them. This results in a movie, which is interesting to watch, but hardly evokes strong feelings (against the "bad Russians" or against the international community, etc. ) . In addition to this, the cast may be doing a relatively solid job on the screen, but it remains completely forgettable. A month after seeing the movie, you would remember absolutely nobody from it.Another point for criticism is Harlin's one sided approach on the conflict. Indeed, Russia's actions should have been condemned; Putin & Medvedev acted like Georgia was a vassal state and not an independent country, but there was also nothing said about President Saakashvili's political mistakes in Ossetia. As a whole 5 Days of War is not a bad movie. The problem is that it could have been much better, much more dramatic, much more convincing. If one is not interested in the region he or she would probably give a positive rating to the movie. In my case, as someone who have been twice in this region, who have walked the streets of Tbilisi, the war of 2008 deserves a much more powerful movie than this one.

Maria C (jp) wrote: Nice Sunday afternoon movie when you could see several in row. The message is quite fantastic for women at their 30s :D ... there is hope ladies that we can catch fresh, unaltered love! ;)

Katelyn B (es) wrote: This is a really great documentary on Walt Disney... it starts from the day he was born all the way to the day of his death, and everything in between. It's two hours of documentary and interviews from his family to the people he worked with, as well as employed. I loved it :)

Ivan Erickson G (nl) wrote: Perfectly fused romantic-comedy film.

Bee C (fr) wrote: Ok this is the kind of film that will be hated by Bros Before Hoes kind of buds. The thing that I liked about this movie is that homosexuality was not portrayed stereotypically. No pretty boys... no feathered boas... just average looking bloke with drama unraveling their lives when one of them suddenly decided to come out of the closet. Steve John Shepherd was HOT! very hot.. he kinda remind me of a younger Dwayne Johnson only less....angrier...more milder and a great butt shot. Yummy!

Zachary Y (ru) wrote: A wildly underrated film. phenomenal performances from Mickey Rourke and Willem Dafoe. A good piece on prison life!

Daniel R (mx) wrote: Comet headed towards earth in this unimaginative sci fi disaster flick.

Pete S (es) wrote: Bing didn't have to sing to do this one good

Thomas D (es) wrote: Just great movie fun, with a little of everything. Spectacular show numbers.

Cheryl L (au) wrote: It was watchable but didn't feel like there was really any storyline or much point to the movie.

Yeleysa C (gb) wrote: B E A U T I F U L! Loved this movie, amazing story, very touching.Zac Efron is HOT and he amazed me one more time with his performance, he's such a great actor, he has such and hability to cry and make you cry too.

Tamajain A (jp) wrote: How Hollywood portrays crimes committed by whites is very biased. The movie perfect sisters shows two white teenage girls who decide to kill their mother. The mother is shown to be an alcoholic who loses her job. The mother then finds a boyfriend to pay her bills. However, the boyfriend attracted to her younger 15 year-old daughter and proceeds to make advances towards her and hitting her when she refuses. Based on these events one would feel for the daughters. If this were true. In actual fact Mom was a functioning alcoholic since she was able to hold down two jobs at the time of murder. There was no abusive boyfriend.And the real reason for the murder was greed. The daughters wanted fancy clothes and jewelry like their friends. They figured that the insurance would pay enough for them to live the good life they felt they deserved. What I found so horrible about this movie is that it made the mother to be pathetic loathesome woman deserving of our hate. When she was a hard working woman trying her best to support her children. And made two spoiled children into ones deserving our pity

Andy P (nl) wrote: Here Monroe is as magnetic as ever, however it is the raunchiness and practicality of Russell's persona that commands the screen, particularly during her musical numbers.