Flick's Chicks

Flick's Chicks

A romantic comedy that centers around a young mother named Flick. After a lifetime of problems and disappointments with men, she decides she wants to spend her life with a woman. As sweet and funny as she is, Flick is flawed and confused but has come up with an unconventional way to find her new mate; A weekend sleepover. She finds the 5 women that she's recently met and has been attracted to in one way or another and invites them to spend a weekend at an out of the way summer house by the beach.

After a young single mother discovers she is gay she invites five very different, attractive women to her secluded family beach house in hopes of finding the perfect mate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan V (ag) wrote: hilarious early movie by the director of narc. "Bano? El bano?" "El Bano? you mean El Banjo? bathrooms over there, asshole!!!"

Deadly V (ag) wrote: A Coming of Age Tale for the Characters and the World

ShOoOSh F (au) wrote: i liked the movie a lot

Marcus M (jp) wrote: Instant comedy classic! Gotta go back to the roots, which Richard Pryor planted!