A headstrong 16 year old Katy McLaughlin desires to work on her family's mountainside horse ranch, although her father insists she finish boarding school. Katy finds a mustang in the hills near her ranch. Katy then sets her mind to tame a mustang and prove to her father she can run the ranch. But when tragedy happens, it will take all the love and strength the family can muster to restore hope.

Young Katy claims a wild horse as her own -- an effort to prove to her father that she is capable of one day taking over the family ranch. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Not L (gb) wrote: The moral of the story would have been picture perfect if it hadn't been for the ending. The message was lost by placing sexual investment over commitment.

Juan M (us) wrote: Es una pelicula muy recomendada por el buen manejo que realizan los actores con su ironia y humor negro

Bolly B (au) wrote: Good cast, I love the leading character, Billy Crudup did a great job, as always

Daryl R (gb) wrote: Life on the farm in turn-of-the-century Minnesota. A simple film chronicling the lives of a couple and the bigotry they face because she is--German. If you liked Antonia's Line, you will like this movie.

Thomas G (au) wrote: Two men who are crippled in an accident involving a tractor set off for compensation from the company that built the tractor. Yet surprisingly, this is a charming and investing film. You are invested in the goal of the characters despite the fact that they may be unlikeable. But what really makes up the charm is the simplicity of it all. It is a French film in black-and-white in 2004, with no music. It is simply following two venturing neighbors who hate each other... and it's good. The film has not-so-much dialogue, yet you still feel invested in the characters. So, this may have been perfect, but I did feel a sense of disappointment by the end. Mentioning the simplicity, it is almost too simple as in there isn't a good-enough kick to end it all. It does what it wishes, but I feel that it should have done more. Another flaw (not for me, but for an audience) is that people will easily be turned off by certain things, such as the comedy. I feel that some audiences may feel either ashamed to laugh because they are in wheeel-chairs, or they just won't understand the humor. And if you do not understand the humor, you will very easily be bored by this. But anyone who could understand should really look forward to it (that isn't saying the people who don't get it are stupid).

Paul F (de) wrote: Had a few funny parts but towards the end it couldn't keep my attention. Maybe I was not getting something. Rachel Hunter was a stone fox.

Rachael C (it) wrote: My Favorite Movie of all time! Could watch it over, and over again! Christopher Walken is AMAZING!!!!!

Craig R (de) wrote: Depicts the devestation left behind in a town that was destroyed by a tornado two decades prior, yet failed to recover. This film is a dark, very bleak look into the life of everyday events involving citizens of the town. Kids huffing glue, shooting cats and visiting mentally challenged prostitutes are a few things you will run into to, as you ask yourself, "why am I watching this and why can't I look away?" There is no plot and the characters do not develop. It is simply a look (abeit a very sad one) into the daily misadventures of different people living in this trashed society. You will feel a little weird after watching this one!

Jimmy M (nl) wrote: another quality performance from kelly. The newspaper scene is a must see. Garland's drugged out performance takes away from the film. "wonderful you" and "get happy" are highlights.

Jonathan G (fr) wrote: Not as amazing as the first but still an pretty good sequel the acting is still fine the directing isn't bad the pacing is fine the writing isn't bad some cool sequences and actually fine story honestly if they worked more on the script you could gotten something almost as good the first

Melvin W (ag) wrote: Jim Fitzgerald: I had no intention of breaking this family up!I have yet to see an Edward Burns film that I didn't enjoy and The Fitzgerald Family Christmas is no different. What I always enjoy about his films is the simplicity he brings to them. There's no action to speak of, there's no schmaltzy bullshit; it's all just real conversations between real people. In many ways, Burns is like a Woody Allen, making conversational movies set in New York. The only real difference is that most of Burns' movies are dramas and most of Allen's are comedies.This film follows the huge Fitzgerald family around Christmas time. Jerry is the leader of this family, the oldest of seven or eight siblings who ended up being like a father to the younger ones when their father left them high and dry as kids. Now they're all grown up and there's a lot of resentment towards their father. Most of it comes from the youngest three, who he was never a father too, and the mother who vowed to never let him set foot in her house again. He wants to now though. It could be his last Christmas as the doctors only are giving him four or five months to live because of his pancreatic cancer.There's a lot of drama in this film. Unexpected pregnancies, an absent father, relationships going south, spousal abuse, and alcohol and drug problems come into the mix at different points in the film. What astounded me throughout though is how these plot points were used. With so much drama surrounding one family, you would think the movie would give in and become overly dramatic, but Burns' script doesn't allow this to happen. All of it occurs as it would in any family. It's pretty mind-blowing that Burns was able to pull this thing off.All the actors, most of whom I've never heard of besides Burns and Connie Britton are all very good and believable. You'd think the movie would lose direction with so many different characters and situations, but it never does. It's also very different from the usual Christmas movie and doesn't play anything like what it's title suggests. It stays away from the sentimental moments and always feels very real. The Fitzgerald Family Christmas is definitely a film that is worth a look.

Anthony S (es) wrote: Completely silly and full of charm.