Flicka: Country Pride

Flicka: Country Pride

Flicka and Toby help out a struggling stable owner and her teenage daughter.

Flicka and Toby help out a struggling stable owner and her teenage daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karolina K (ca) wrote: Soo deep and soo good

BRUNO V (mx) wrote: Good cowboy-story in 90 minutes !

Matthew D (ag) wrote: Not one of the best when it comes to animation, but I 'm gonna give it a positive because I've definitely seen worse. The story follows a band of animals that must work together to find water to restore their homeland. They discover that in a nearby valley, humans have built a large dam to hold the water. Led by a meerkat named Billy and a lion named Socrates, the animals try to find a way to release the water. It is a surprisingly good family film with a good message we all need to learn. I would recommend this movie for families with young children. It is quite silly and fun to watch.

Rhiamon N (au) wrote: Bad bad acting....bad sound effects....I can't believe I even watched this.

Cary M (ca) wrote: Terrible theology wrapped in a cheesy sports movie. Believe in God and all will go right for you - winning team, new car, pregnant wife, and fresh-smelling house. Thanks God!

Camille L (jp) wrote: Avec un tel casting (Roger Guenveur Smith & Luke Goss en bad guys, Michael Kenneth Williams en sidekick), Mercenary for Justice tait le film le plus allchant avec Steven Seagal depuis bien 5 ans. Et pourtant, malgr un dpart explosif et plutt convaincant, le film se perd dans un mlange de personnages et d'intrigues toutes plus idiotes les unes que les autres et on finit par sortir totalement du film. C'est dommage, car les dialogues sont un peu moins mauvais que d'habitude, la ralisation de Don E. FauntLeRoy plutt habile et la musique bien plus soigne que le dgueulis de trip-hop dont on a le droit d'habitude. Il en reste que Mercenary for Justice ne tient pas les 90 minutes, malheureusement. On est plus dans "Today you Die" que dans "Into the Sun"...

Skyler B (br) wrote: This movie is hilarious but not that great. Only, it is great. It's the best. But, not really. I don't know. Its funny, well acted, and has some clever moments. But it seems it could have been so much more. Having said that, though, I love this film.

Steve J (mx) wrote: I wanted to like this, but in spite of a few bright spots it's mostly pretty bad. It's hard to believe this was actually directed by Billy Wilder, who co-wrote with his frequent writing partner IAL Diamond. Matthau is a crotchety hit man, Lemmon is a neurotic would-be suicide. They keep crossing paths in ways that are evidently meant to be funny but are mostly just annoying. Wilder comes off at some times like a hopelessly out-of-touch, embittered old goat and at others like a bad imitation of himself. This is probably the lousiest film of his career, and he knew it. Even the presence of the magnificently crazy Klaus Kinski does little to liven up the dreary proceedings. Not really worth your time, unless you're a Wilder completist.

Ben G (fr) wrote: What??s this, a Cronenberg film with no sex, or horror oriented theme I hear you cry! This came before the likes of The Brood, Scanners, The Fly, and Videodrome. Shot with great enthusiasm and style. The reason why I haven't rated this film higher than three stars is due to two factors, the film through out has a certain amount of realism, real dragsters, strips, locations etc, but is let down by an out of place over the top unrealistic Hollywood style ending. As is if he??d run out of ideas, or he choose the most clichd way to finish off the bad guy. Also the god awful cock rock (You??ve got to hold on to dream) style music that appears through, just cheapens the imagery and the film as a whole. Croneburg should have taken an example from Lee H Katzin??s Le Mans made 10 years previously with the notion that less dialogue and more suited music or none at all, definitely complements the film more. The film can??t decide if it??s taking the direction of a realistic documentary style racing film or a B-movie style rivalry film, and here lies the problem. But you have to hand it to him, he??s done well to get action and on track battling with races that last on average 6 seconds.

Jonah R (au) wrote: Coonskin is a very bizarre but strangely likeable film. I would add a star if not for the awful live-action bits.

Gregg P (us) wrote: V. I. Lenin's last words: "I have deluded myself. Without doubt, it was necessary to free the oppressed masses. However, our methods resulted in other oppressions and gruesome massacres. You know I am deathly ill; I feel lost in an ocean of blood formed by countless victims. This was necessary to save our Russia, but it is too late to turn back. We would need ten Francis of Assisi."

Larry R (ru) wrote: Has a nice horror presence. An early scene kind of ruined it for me. Can't give it the love others have for by score. I will be watching a big batch of Lee movies over next few weeks. I am liking the ones I have watched so far.

Hugo G (us) wrote: I really wanted to like this movie because not only had I heard a lot about it, it seemed to be kind of a 90's classic. But it was kind of hard to love it and even hate it, but still I wasn't as pleased as I hoped for. First of all, the characters were extremely manipulative, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillipe's characters were complete sociopaths, although Gellar's was more of my liking because she kind of was the strong woman that simply was putting all of her energy on the wrong places, while also she was great at playing her. Meanwhile Ryan's character I didn't like at all, plus I really hated how they tried to make you fall in love with him even though at the beginning he was a complete douche who had no respect for women, or anyone. But still it seemed as if even the smarter character wasn't smart enough, because at the end of the day everyone fell for him or was dumb enough to not see through him. Also, the movie wasn't very sexy, but it was rather uncomfortable at times, specially the scene when Sebastian and Cecile have their first intimate encounter, it was kind of forceful and disgusting, as if she didn't have control over her body and he just did as he pleased simply because she was not very bright. Moving forward, Reese Witherspoon on the other side kind of gave that other balance to the movie but it wasn't very late until she fell in love with the lead and that love story wasn't very realistic to me. But thankfully the ending was kind of unexpected and really brought my attention to the film. It was indeed a satisfactory ending that aligned very well with what should've been a dark tone for the movie. Overall, it featured some good performances from very well known actors, however the story was too manipulative content-wise, although it is hard to negate the nostalgic tones it brings to everyone that grew up on the 90's. Thus, it is a good watch but don't expect to end with a good taste. ~May 19, 2015~