Flicka i kasern

Flicka i kasern


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:military,  

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Flicka i kasern torrent reviews

Gabby S (ca) wrote: I loved the first movie but this was disappointing

Jocey D (ca) wrote: Despite an interesting cast the story is convoluted? until it gets interesting at the end.

Dave J (gb) wrote: Friday, November 1, 2013 (2011) The Tortured THRILLER HORROR Strictly-by-the-book with no new surprises which is reminiscent of such movies and TV shows such as "Patholgy" and HBO's "Dexter" which is young couple, Elise and Craig Landry (Erika Christensen and Jesse Metcalfe) loses only child by a serial child abductor. He eventually gets caught with the child's body found dead. At this point viewers are baffled about it's time frame for it's like this abductor killed him as soon as he captured him since their was no "Amber Alert" and upon Craig chasing the truck that abducted his son he also had the opportunity to get this truck's serial number. For by the time this abductor's truck was finally discovered and then identified by police it was already too late and that's that. It is soon revealed that the perpetrator happens to be a serial child abductor since he's done this to more than just one child, and strikes a ridiculous plea deal with the judge/ defense regarding the whereabouts of other possible victims even though viewers only know about the one child, we just see bone fragments of other possible children that were buried in this guy's back yard. What's stupid is that viewers are not shown nor heard about other parents who's also lost children or loved ones as well- it's like they're non-existent for the only couple we get to witness in this court proceedings are the Landry couple- no one else. When this serial child abductor strikes up a deal and gets a short sentence which is something like 25 years he's then eligible for parole even though he's more like a cuckoo person who should've been locked up in the mental hospital. I mean, if you're going to make a movie about victims wanting to inflict torture on the perpetrator then present the set up as if it makes sense, because I don't ever recall a plea bargain such as this one especially if it involves other possible victims. Since in real life, a serial killer can only escape the death penalty, otherwise there would be a huge outcry amongst the state as well as it's citizens or the entire country for that matter. Elise and Craig seem to be the "only" people who're outraged about this so they take matters into their own hands which is performing the act of vigilantism, and somehow succeed in sabotaging the police vehicle where they're carrying him. And because Craig is a pathologist, he's fully aware about some of the drugs used in hospitals and conducts 'torture' to the perpetrator tied onto a table- excuse me, I mean both Craig and Elise. I don't mind this kind of movie but it still has to make sense and first two thirds doesn't, for it assumes viewers are going to feel empathy for it's young couple when the police can also be blamed for this as well leaving viewers still scratching their heads and then asking how did this all came about in the first place. 2 out of 4 stars

Sarah O (ag) wrote: um....Let me think abou it.....hmm.......I think.....NO!

Jessica W (ru) wrote: Surprisingly charming. Contrary to the very cliche-sounding plot, the story unfolds with just enough humor and silliness to make you not only tolerate the cliches, but enjoy the film despite them. It's a tad predictable, but still manages to throw a few curve balls to keep you on your toes. And even though the end result feels a tad Hollywood in how nicely (unrealistically so) wrapped up things are in the end, the journey getting there is interesting, fun and worthwhile. The characters are fleshed out and unique, the world feels genuine and the plot, while a tad muddy apart from the obvious romance triangle going on, is subtle and decent enough to keep the movie going without weighing it down. Heavy on situational humor and surprisingly light on the sexuality, it's an easy crowd pleaser (well, if you don't mind mere nudity) that doesn't push too many buttons or go out of its way to make any huge statements. Despite moments of seriousness (and often to emotional, touching effect I might add), the film maintains its light, easygoing feeling all the way through.I wouldn't go out of my way to get the DVD or anything, but I'd willingly watch this again.

Jonathan B (kr) wrote: Odd and disturbingly quirky little movie. But it's quite good.

Dave H (us) wrote: need to see all the carry on films still.

Matthew T (it) wrote: Must watch Maritime Movie!

Patrick M (au) wrote: definetly a movie all war-film fans should watch. it'll be worth it.

Robert B (ru) wrote: Mon Oncle is amusing, full of French charm, vivaciousness, and absurdity. Some shots and sequences are very well set up, it is like watching a painting come to life. Unfortunately, many of the scenes drag on and the overall length is more than it needs to be. Poor sound and video quality detract from the film as well. While Mon Oncle is a mixed bag, I enjoyed it and would recommend to lovers of satire and French films.