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The story of Michael Moore, Shot, Hooker, Joey, and Dennis. Five gangsters who work for a man named Leo. They soon discover they could get more out of life if they could run the streets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wilken V (ru) wrote: Well, it's a good movie is no big deal, with some extra scenes, and of course is full summary of the original series.

Maria M (nl) wrote: Ohh yeahhh baby!!!! Art in the hyperconnectivity era.

Jennifer S (br) wrote: this movie was actually pretty decent and a good twist at the end. and this movie actually told u when it flashed back in time which rocked so it doesnt confuse u! i would recommend watching it. :-)

Jessica W (de) wrote: This movie was great more for characterization and choice in characters rather than plot. It is slow but the detailed scenes (like art to an artist) and crafted raw passion between two men make it up. I see GBLT movies, and the directors usually find (on purpose or not) a male stereotypical looking "feminine" woman to balance the other person who is stereotypically male. I guess to save face that there should be male and female roles even in homosexual relationships. In Brokeback Mountain, I did not see this at all. These men did not have anything that I would say is bias as with other homosexual oriented media. The only thing that was a little off was the "moon in the sky" and references to sin. Though that is so little compared to the characters and their acting. This is a movie more for the art than anything else. A film lover or one that has a passion for film making through the artist eyes would find appreciation in this movie. Others not so much since it doesn't build up to the plot to lighten the effect of the first erotic scene. That, and I think the erotic scene may put a raw impression on the future intimacy scenes. Again, characterization, art, and attention to detail was perfect. I recommend it for anyone who can see passed media's perspective on homosexual relationships.

Andrew H (de) wrote: run of the mill child adventure.

Queenie C (fr) wrote: love the story. love the song. can there be really love like this though?

Vlad M (au) wrote: Van Damme, enough said.

briget 6 (au) wrote: i loved it! not much action, unless you mean guy- to guy action=of which there is alot!! Plus gary oldman is the sexiest gay man ever in this movie!!!!!!!!

Sara E (fr) wrote: i've felt akin to this movie since i started watching it in the late 1980's.

Marcus M (br) wrote: A Zany Tex Avery style move, it's got of all Sam Raimi's signature touches (following projectiles through the air, Dolly Zoom's, POV travelling shots, Bruce Campbell ....) you have get used to the madness at first, but it's a fun movie to be seen.

Mike S (us) wrote: Not even close to competing to the first film. However, the suspense is there, the scare factor is there, and also, bits and pieces of comedic aspects. It is worth the watch is you're a horror film fan.

Amy W (au) wrote: hilarious, but a little long

Jos C (us) wrote: Un gran clasico, que vale la pena ver. La historia de un hombre y su obsesion por emigrar a America.

Michael M (au) wrote: Brian Donlevy is the MAN. Great double feature with Beau Geste. Laugh, cry, punch a guy...

Fallon O (it) wrote: Always been one of my favourite movies.

Brian T (es) wrote: hilarious i laughed my ass off the whole time wat a nightmare she was