Flordelis: Basta Uma Palavra Para Mudar

Flordelis: Basta Uma Palavra Para Mudar

Portrays the life of Flordelis, an evangelical woman who lives in Favela do Jacarezinho in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She adopted 37 children. Based on a true story.

Portrays the life of Flordelis, an evangelical woman who lives in Favela do Jacarezinho in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She adopted 37 children. Based on a true story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon D (us) wrote: Part movie / part concert. The movie part is snippets of interviews and fly-on-the-wall footage of a 41 year old man who has decided to give up being a rock star for a normal life, which is a unique angle. The concert part is very impressive, the only negative comment I can make is that there were a lot of much better songs that they could have put in, they must have played these but just didn't include them in the movie, at least I hope so for those fans pictured crying during the final concert of the much underrated LCD Soundsystem. I think that anyone who watches this and doesn't know the band will seek out a few albums afterwards, they will be pleasantly surprised but eventually a bit sad that there will be nothing more from them.

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Matt B (jp) wrote: It's pretty much a shot-for-shot remake, but it works. It's gorgeously filmed and there are quite a few times that I jumped.

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Tim S (br) wrote: Terror in the Aisles is a documentary made in the 80's that talks about lots of different horror and thriller films and how they affect us as we watch them. It doesn't get technical or anything though. It's more or less a greatest hits package of scary and gory moments from many movies up to that point. Donald Pleasance and Nancy Allen both host the film and there are just too many films to list that are featured in the documentary, so I won't even try. The film was lost to the VHS heap for many years until Universal saw fit to release it as an extra on a blu-ray release of Halloween II, which I felt was a smart move on their part. It probably doesn't need its own release, and the rights to the many clips from many different studios and production companies (as well as score) would cost a pretty penny, so it got folded over into the Halloween II blu-ray to pay the bill I'm sure. It's a fun documentary that goes on a bit longer than it needs to but if you haven't seen it, you might spot a few movies from the genres that you've missed out on.

Paul D (mx) wrote: I very much enjoy films that feel real, that are about real people having real life's and real problems. And The Giant Mechanical Man works on this level, it is a drama about two people who can't quite figure out the life thing until they find each other and it sort of fits and it's not that it's trying to be a romantic film it's just trying to be genuine.I've always wanted to see Jenna Fisher out side of the office in a proper role to see if she has more than one character in her tool box and I am happy to say she does, she is more than just PB&J. Then there Chris Messena who as I now realise I have seen him in all sorts of things and look forward to him taking a more leading role In the future The supporting cast was chosen perfectly, including Topher Grace who embodies the idea of constantly talking isn't necessarily the same as communicating.

Jayakrishnan R (au) wrote: 87%Watched this on 16/11/15The scariest ending of all time? Are you gonna make me laugh to death? Well it's clearly not what RT tells it is, for sure. Vanishing is a disturbing psychological piece which happens to have an interesting structure where it descends into the mind of a serial killer effectively. It is well shot and well acted. Lead actor Gene Bervoets gives an emotionally powerful performance. Lead actress Johanna ter Steege is also impressive and actor Bernard-Pierre leaves a great impression as the serial killer. The film avoids genre cliches and it's well directed. But sadly I am disappointed at the fact that it's ending neither turned out to be that scary or suspenseful, it was kind of imminent.

Ronald C F (gb) wrote: Favorite movie ever! Yeh - it came out 7 years BEFORE I was born - THAT is how good it is.