When a young man's unemployment benefits run out, the IRS freezes his bank account, and his druggie brother needs help, things can't get any worse...until he discovers his girlfriend is cheating on him!

In this scathing and subversive social comedy, life in post riot Los Angeles is dissected under the sardonic eye of John Boyz, an unemployed thirty nothing flounderer on Venice Beach who is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ill LOVE S (ag) wrote: I can watch this movie over and over and always laugh like for first time. I love kids because they are innocent well at least was like that where I grow up, kids really believe in Santa. This movie is all about that this amazing kid (Cole Sprouse) who saw Santa (Corbin Bernsen) kissing his mom (Connie Sellecca) and he took a picture of it. Was happened next is a war against the cheater Santa who kiss his mom, the whole movie is plenty of action and funniest things. You really should see it, look for it on DVD, you wont be sorry.

Jake U (us) wrote: hmmmm... looks interesting...

Femke D (au) wrote: This was my favourite movie even before I had seen the first one.

Jay L (br) wrote: "The film the Nazi's didn't want you to see...' A heart-wrenching masterpiece that realistically portrays one of the many chillingly harrowing stories to come out of World War 2. Its the film the Nazis did not want you to see. Escape From Sobibor is a stunningly disturbing and ultra-violent true story of a miraculous escape from a Jewish Death Camp during World War 2. Its Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List meets Gregory Hoblit's Hart's War. A heart thumping and thunderingly high tension endeaver that injects your veins with pure adrenaline. A complete masterwork from start to finish. Astonishingly gripping, utterly emotional, downright gruesome, supremely harrowing, endlessly shocking, completely miraculous and seriously and profoundly difficult to watch. Director Jack Gold does not shy away from the shocking violence and the grotesque and inhuman acts that were prevalent at the Jewish death camps scattered across Nazi occupied Europe at the height of World War 2. As with Schindler's List, Escape From Sobibor should be shown to everyone, the atrocities that occurred just can't be captured in words, what these people went through were unspeakable, but it needs to be taught, this history needs to be shown to everyone and this film did an unbelieveably brilliantly realistic job of telling one of these atrocious stories. Jack Gold and company crafted a timeless and historically accurate masterpiece that will forever be one of the very best World War 2 films ever made. Its just breathtakingly amazing throughout, an action packed, gritty, unflinching and searingly absorbing historical cinematic escapade that doesn't let off the gas pedal throughout. Be warned, this film is very highly disturbing, its dark, its bloody, its shocking, its gruesome, its grotesque, its a very serious film that should be viewed as one. If you are faint of heart, be very very wary, Escape From Sobibor is as shocking. and unflinching as a film can get. A true masterpiece, a legendary film both inside and out. Alan Arkin Is brilliantly magnificent throughout. Rutger Haur is fantastic throughout. Iconic A List star power at its very very best.

Ryan W (ca) wrote: Bambi in my opinion is nearly the perfect animation film due to its very touching storyline and deeply cared characters

Chris G (jp) wrote: A visual masterpiece that manages to seamlessly combine theater and film. The film is elevated by dazzling performances from Catherine Zeta Jones and Richard Gere.

Anthony M (jp) wrote: Good performances throughout. A cut above the average thriller.