A filmmaker talks about his work and love life with an unseen friend behind the camera. We also watch four of his short films.

A filmmaker who's Chinese, 22, and gay talks about his work and love life with an unseen friend behind the camera. We also watch four of his short films. "Hysterio Passio" conjures images ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deonka C (jp) wrote: Great Movie.!!! '?'?

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Nikolas G (jp) wrote: the story of admiral Kolchac , leader of "white" Russians after the revolution in 1917

Dan M (fr) wrote: Favourite movie of the series. Beautifully shot, the deathly hallows story was narrated and illustrated in an amazing way and from start to finish you were left feeling tense. It strayed slightly from the book which I enjoyed. The books are always better but I thought the dance scene was a very good addition to the film.

xGary X (gb) wrote: When an East End villain's wife leaves him for another man, he and his crew of old lags kidnap her new beau and leave him to stew in his own fear while they decide on the appropriate punishment. 44 Inch Chest is a rather unusual affair in that although its subject matter is that of the typical cockney gangster, it's a very wordy, character driven affair in which very little actually happens. It's essentially about a man whose self image is rooted in bare fisted, testosterone fuelled machismo coming to terms with rejection and loss. The story nearly in its entirety is set in the same room as as such feels very stagey; more often than not it looks more like the play for toady than a cinema going experience and anyone expecting gangster h- jinx in the vein of guy Ritchie will be very disappointed. Having said all that, the script is extremely well written with plenty of sharp, funny dialogue and the amazing cast give an acting masterclass. It's a shame the format is so limited but it's worth it for the performances alone.

John G (us) wrote: Beautiful. low key film

Mike D (de) wrote: My kind of thriller. A few genuine creepy moments and fine Anna Kendrick to look at the whole time. She's like a rich man's Audrina Patridge, who can act. Pretty obvious who the killer was, and it seemed much longer than 107 minutes but not in a bad way. Worth checking out.

Michael R (us) wrote: Negative oriented renegades seek brutality at a whim, and ppl fight back in a hell of emo turmoil. It works all the time. Take things from them and ppl will fight back because they must. The next generation returns favors

Jacob N (nl) wrote: I just saw it and I now understand my dad and his music

Dave T (jp) wrote: Another wing chun hit from sammo hung. Go buy it.

Joshua L (us) wrote: The actors make the movie enjoyable but I wouldn't watch it again.

andrew s (ca) wrote: I enjoyed watching Maximum Overdrive because all my life I have worked on trucks and I thought it was cool to see them driving on their own and killing people. I had never thought of the scenario of a truck chasing after humans. The movie starts with the Earth becoming stuck in the tail of a comet and the radiation had caused crazy things to happen. One of those things was that trucks could drive themselves and become killers. The movie made the situation believable so you could actually imagine that it could happen. The special effects were good, but sometimes overdone. In one scene, a truck was going into the median of a highway and randomly exploded That just doesn't happen. The blood was a little too much sometimes too. I kind of liked the blood but some of it was stupid. I also thought that some of the explosions were over done. The suspense in the movie was good. Stephen King is the author, so you know it is going to try to scare the crap out of you. He did do that a couple of times in the movie. In one of the beginning scenes, a man is putting diesel into a truck, the pump quits and when he looks, diesel comes shooting out into his eyes. I knew when he looked down into the pump that something was going to come out. I did not expect the loud music and his high pitched screams. I jumped in my seat and then remembered it was Stephen King. It is a movie that you would watch with a bunch of your buddies. I would not recommend it to my mom. I would recommend it to mechanics because they are working with trucks every day. They see trucks having their own personality in how they have to be fixed. Some are in the shop getting attention every day and others are good workers and are out on the road getting the job done. I think mechanics would find the movie interesting and fun to watch even though it is a thriller.

Nick P (de) wrote: Lets face it, RUDY is predictable, but there is something about it that it makes it sweet and worthwhile. It features a feat of ambition and hard working determination.

Ransom K (it) wrote: this movie rocks! HAHA!