A talented actor gets a job at an after-hours club where debauchery and intoxication battle against healthy responsibility. As the wee hours world takes hold, he finds he can hide from the ...

A talented actor gets a job at an after-hours club where debauchery and intoxication battle against healthy responsibility. As the wee hours world takes hold, he finds he can hide from the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stella L (br) wrote: Oh my Lord! What a pile of doodah! Any Arthurian aficionado would be horrified at this interpretation. Even the actors appear to be embarrassed to be involved in this poor excuse for a film. All I can find good about this is the scenery!

Donny W (de) wrote: History of Atomic Bombs. check it out

Kerry M (it) wrote: I really enjoyed this film, and thought that Michelle Williams was very good (although her accent was a little off).

Cynthia S (br) wrote: Cute movie. Definitely a Julie Andrews G-rated nice movie..

Sara S (ru) wrote: A great old school climbing movie filled with actors who are still making good movies. Makes me wanna climb. Or at least watch Cliffhanger..

Chelsea E (jp) wrote: I am the biggest fan of Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson there is. I was interested in seeing 'Bottom' in a different setting, alongside different characters and in film form, so I was geared up to watch it. For the majority of the film, it wasn't particularly on par with their usual comedy and I know they can be very humorous actors. My gripe is with the ending. Everyone is being violently sick and vomiting, they don't make it funny, they make it into a nightmare. People are calling for doctors, crying. It was just horrific. I have no issue with being sick for comedy, BUT ACTUALLY MAKE IT FUNNY. I was so disgusted and upset by the ending that it made, what I believe, to be a substandard film based on a great comedy duo who I hold dear to my heart, into the worst film I have ever seen. It is so far the only film to physically reduce me to tears by how horrific it was. It's a shame because if not for that terrifying part of the film, I wouldn't have minded that much, and maybe even watched it again just to see my two favourite comedians doing what they do best; hitting each other and making jokes. But sadly it had to go to a very dark place to which I shall not be returning. Apologies if you enjoyed this film, I would have too if not for certain parts, but I just can't help but be be disgusted.My advice? Watch 'Bottom' the TV series and their 'Bottom Live' performances if you want the proper 'Bottom' show humour.

Theresa E (ru) wrote: LOve the Live scenes

Salvador L (es) wrote: Poorly shot, poorly acted, rarely scary, not suspenseful and above all awfly written, Halloween 6 will stay in my memory as one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and certainly the worst Halloween sequel.

Niki S (ag) wrote: This seemed like a made for TV movie. It was interesting from a historical perspective but was otherwise kind of flat.

Andrei C (de) wrote: WTF Japan strikes again. Many of the jokes already seen in cartoons.

Tim S (gb) wrote: Once Bitten was released in 1985 and stars Lauren Hutton and a pre-fame Jim Carrey. It didn't do well when it was originally released, but it garnered enough of a fan base from folks who grew up watching it on cable throughout the 80's. In this vampire tale, Lauren Hutton is a sexy vampire lady on the prowl for young blood. With the help of her assistant (Cleavon Little), they find just the type of young blood she craves in Mark (Carrey), a young guy with some relationship problems. The movie is less of a spoof and more of a general comedy instead. Unfortunately, the jokes misfire most of the time and none of the actors really stand out as being particularly funny, especially Carrey and Hutton. Hutton spends her time just being a sexy vampire, which she's very good at, ahem, but Jim Carrey just doesn't seem right for the material. But that's not to say that there isn't any merit to the movie whatsoever. As far as comedy premises go, this isn't a bad one, and I did smile occasionally at some of the situational humor, especially concerning Carrey with his girlfriend and Hutton's interaction with Carrey. But unfortunately, the movie contains just less than middle of the road comedy material.

Daniel M (mx) wrote: The story was average but it was entertaining and brought me back to the 80's for an hour and a half. 3/5

Dean M (ca) wrote: Awesome display of spectacular karate action with Chuck Norris who goes on the hunt. Much martial-arts excitement that only Norris can chop, punch, shoot, leap, slam and deliver!

J J (ca) wrote: Right on time and right on point

Paul L (it) wrote: One of the best movies of all time

Auretha C (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies EVER. Love that it's on Netflix. A Good, positive, movie about LOVE! Let's make more of these!

Jayne R (nl) wrote: Loved this movie. Scott Adkins is terrific and is a great actor and martial artist. Please make some sequels!!

Jay R (nl) wrote: Loved it! It's gotten awful ratings but Bill Murray will be Bill Murray! :)