Fly High

Fly High

Si-bum has a dream of being an actor. One day, he meets a girl Su-kyoung and falls in love with her at first sight. With Si-bum together, Su-kyoung seems to get over her pain and also the uncomfortable relationship with her father. But after a while, she has to confront her mother's death. To escape from the reality, they take a trip to the sea but then Su-kyoung gets severely injured from a car accident. Desperately struggling to save her, Si-bum steals money to pay her hospital and this leads him to work in a bar to serve rich girls. Now Si-bum uses his acting skill to relieve Su-kyoung and pretends he makes a living from acting. But when he is getting popular, he decides to follow his friend Young-ho to Seoul to make more money. One day he comes across one of his old friends and gets involved in a big fight.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
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Fly High torrent reviews

Michael S (us) wrote: Just as good as the two that came before it!

Brian Daniel L (br) wrote: Catalina Denis is gorgeous!!! funny

Jonathan P (es) wrote: Other than some good animation Night Before Christmas- A Mouse Tale is a rather dull and confusing cartoon. I am still not understanding how kids or even adults can believe that the human house hold a Christmas tree big enough to house a bear. Not a memorable Christmas film or any type of film for that matter.

Matt C (us) wrote: Anyone who's given this film more than a one star rating should be punched in the face. Terrible.

Anatoly S (de) wrote: As a theater director confronted with regret, illness and fear of death he starts to develop a play based on his life set in a giant warehouse with a scale model of the city. Strange and beautiful. Absolutely non-literal. Very heavy. Loved it, but I doubt I'm gonna be revisiting it soon.

John E (mx) wrote: Great background info, and most important, great footage of the masters of their art performing said art.

Jake K (us) wrote: I'd like to redo this one and re-futts the ending a bit. This was entertaining but I thought I was watching more of a 70's flick. Weird it was 88!

Chris B (ca) wrote: A Deep and meditative feature that captures your mind with it's complexity and your eyes with the vivid imagery. Recommended!

Daniel K (gb) wrote: A terrific performance by Peter Boyle elevates an otherwise pretty trashy and exploitative movie.

Alex C (it) wrote: The lead actor really pulls you into this movie and does a great job of keeping you focused on the story being told. If you focus on the story this film really delivers and makes you think.

Luciano G (br) wrote: As a horror movie, I thought this was interesting, and it was nice to see the wonderful nature in Fiji and Papya New Guinea.......the acting is pretty decent, and the camera work is very nice at times....but if you wanna see a REAL cannibal movie, go get "Cannibal Holocaust" or one of the early 80s movies the italians did.....