The adventures of the Lafayette Escadrille, young Americans who volunteered for the French military before the U.S. entered World War I, and became the country's first fighter pilots.

The film is based on a true story. Its about the feat of some young American boys who volunteered for the French army before World War I was happened. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frdric H (it) wrote: Free state of Jones is about Newt Knight and his armed rebellion against the Confederacy. It is the usual action/war movie in terms of bloody/gory effects but it should have been shorter since 2 hours and 20 minutes is too long. Average overall, i still prefer "Glory" Movie or the "North and South" Tv Series.

Roxana N (jp) wrote: Boring, boing, boring... We couldn't watch till the end... The characters are stupid, humour not funny; nothing intrigues your intelligence...

Meredith W (us) wrote: A mess of a movie that is difficult to follow, despite its sometimes plodding pace. Franco can do so much better than this.

Desiree O (ru) wrote: Cute- but almost not tolerable.

Cathie R (au) wrote: this one brings out my sappy romantic side but it is a great movie, guys like this are hard to find

Aj V (au) wrote: This is a great crime comedy which pairs Caine with MacLaine, and they are great together, the movie is fun and has a good story, I liked it.

Scott B (gb) wrote: Could have been great with a different lead actress and director.

Lansden S (br) wrote: This is the movie that turned Billy Bob Thornton from a good actor to a great actor.Thornton stars as a character named Karl Childers, a shy, lonely, retarded man who has been in a mental hospital most of his lie for killing his mother and her lover. After being released he quickly finds a job as a mechanic for lawn mowers and befriends a 12 year old boy Frank. Frank and Karl instantly hit it off and after some time Karl moves in and lives in Frank and his mothers garage. Karl soon learns about Franks mothers abusive boyfriend. "Doyle", is a drunk construction worker who doesn't tolerate anyone but himself. Early on in the movie Frank tells his mother that he loves Karl and even quotes "I love the way he talks". And thats what you get when you watch the movie. He is one of the more unforgettable characters in recent memory. Not only is it his voice, there is something about his demeanor and the way he walks. He is a simple kind man at heart.Thornton does an excellent job of not only playing the character but also directing and writing the movie. There are some shots in the movie that are breathtaking and riveting. In some ways i wish there were more people like Karl Childers in the world.

Jamey M (kr) wrote: Searching for a life that matters is so important. God gives us those opportunities oftentimes through our worst pain.