Good-looking, well-spoken Phil is broke and cannot understand how flatmate James has recently acquired a lot of extra cash and a permanent grin on his face. James's secret? Adonis Escorts - 40 pounds an hour, 150 for the night. Faced with imminent eviction, a reluctant Phil is persuaded to join the agency and soon the two gigolos have a loyal following including bored housewife, Frances. In fact business is booming until love rears its ugly head. And then chaos reigns as James falls in love with Phil, Phil falls in love with Helen, Helen takes Phil home to her mother - Frances, Frances goes crazy because she had fallen for her daughter's new boyfriend Phil, and Darren just wants to make it alright - by settling down with James. Who is definitely not gay. Just confused!

Good-looking, well-spoken Phil is broke and cannot understand how flatmate James has recently acquired a lot of extra cash and a permanent grin on his face. James's secret? Adonis Escorts -... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonny P (ag) wrote: "Amexicano" is just as confused as its title. Everything is awkward, from the cheesy interactions between its two main characters as they become unlikely friends to the ironing board-tattoo-stabbing scene (don't ask). It is a strange entity, as the first half of the film doesn't go anywhere, and then the second half of the film takes so many random twists that by the end of the story, it is tough to believe that you are watching the same film. There are so many eye-rolling scenes, my favorite of which is the main character sitting in front of the computer, looking up phrases in Spanish and practicing them using different inflections. How could you forget when they invite him to play soccer. Sorry, futbol. They invite him to play futbol, he stands there like a big oaf until the ball comes to him, flails about, then somehow scores a goal. And then they celebrate. Sigh. Speaking of celebrations, they even invited him to a fiesta... with balloons and an awkward guitar player in the background... This film is guilty of failing to identify with true Mexican culture, and instead presenting every stereotype that they can think of, from the aforementioned things to day laborers on the corner. Which is the OPPOSITE of the message that this film is trying to get across! And all of this is under the guise of this obviously being a low-budget independent film. Let's not forget that one of the lines is "Sounds corny but it's true." Only the corniest movies would have this line included in their script. At least Gabriela (played by Jennifer Pea) is hott. But then they awkwardly turn this into a love story with several different guys... and the iron... From start to finish, I can't figure out what this movie is supposed to be. It seems like it's trying to deliver a message about biggotry but instead becomes the stereotype that it fights against. This one is good for a few laughs (even though it's not supposed to be) but doesn't offer any sort of quality, from its opening lines about not abusing the Unemployment System to it's dumb ending that feels like a different film.

Giorgos P (jp) wrote: Salles' masterpiece, and hes has done Motorcycle Diaries and Behind the Sun in the past. The most humanistic, and plainly the best, film of 2008

Clara T (kr) wrote: really good movie...

Roger W (au) wrote: Excellent drama based on an historical figure.

Alexandra W (gb) wrote: Just before Renee Zellweger was in every movie in the early 2000s, she was in this small thing that tried to be a big thing. Effort and lighting receive high marks, but the overall story is sort of trite and trying too hard.

Greg W (ru) wrote: remake of a 1997 brit pic

Daniel D (kr) wrote: Thunderball is a good Bond film, but I wouldn't say it's one of my faves. As far as Connery's official 007 films go, this one is prob my second least favorite, above the messy Diamonds Are Forever.Connery does have his moments here and there in this movie, but I find his performance rather average and flat in places, as opposed to his more inspired performances in his first 3 films.The movie does have some nice cinematography, Largo is a pretty tough-looking villain, and I like Fiona Volpe (the movie's femme fatale), but I wouldn't recommend this one to casual Bond fans, this one is better suited to the diehards.

Raffaela E (es) wrote: love the ernst marischka Sissi's not historically correct but I LOVE THEM

Jonathan T (fr) wrote: breastfeeding stripper

Jesse O (ag) wrote: I think this is how you make a film about 'male bonding' without being an absolute douchebag dudebro, and sexist assholes to boot, about it like Entourage, both the series and the movie. This was quite the pleasant surprise, to be honest, I think it's better than the rating would imply. One of the things that was surprising about it is how well-written the movie actually is. Not that the characters themselves had any real depth to them, but they're likable and somewhat interesting, all of them have their own little issues, so it's not just about the hi-jinks they find themselves in during the stag weekend, though that, obviously, is a big part of it. The film does, however, follow a familiar narrative thread of these types of movies. Thankfully the gags are well-written, the acting is really quite good, particularly from Andrew Scott. Though I do wonder why the guys were so hesitant to go along on this stag trip with The Machine, the bride's brother. Other than the Machine's first scene, there's nothing about him that screams annoying or unbearable. Particularly as the movie progresses, when you do get to see a side of him that's actually really helpful and insightful. It might've been better if it was a little more gradual, but The Machine, almost immediately, starts to show off that he isn't who the guys think he is. Like have The Machine be obnoxious for a longer period of time than just the one scene and then have the gradual change, where you can see the layers sort of peeling off. But the film sort of does this without any rhyme or reason. The Machine is an asshole in one scene and then he isn't in the very next one. So I thought that could've been better handled, at least in my opinion. That's one of the few issues I had with the movie. Like I said, I do think the movie does do an effective at building a rapport with these characters without being mean-spirited about it like a lot of these films tend to do. My other big issue with the film is the fact that the third act is a little too sentimental for my tastes. I'd like say it feels earned, but parts of it aren't. Like the best man speech at the wedding was earned, everything else was a little too much for my tastes. Not that it bothered me that much, since I still really enjoyed the movie, but it was definitely a flaw. With that said, however, that didn't keep me from enjoying this movie. It's better than the rating might imply, but there's just some flaws that keep it from reaching a higher level. But if you want something that's quick and easy to digest, then this would be a good choice.

Benjamin O (nl) wrote: Incongruously implausible.

Adrian W (kr) wrote: Real life Lion King narrated by Scar!

bill b (es) wrote: a good film.... but not soooo good