Flying Colours

Flying Colours

Story about a problematic blonde girl, Sayaka who knows nothing about academic but wants to enter one of the prestige university in Japan in just one year?

Sayaka Kudo is a gyaru who wears miniskirts and dyes her hair blonde. Although she is a 2nd year senior high school student| she is on par academically with 4th
grade elementary school students. She frequently transfers between school because she is unable to make friends| and was once suspended for being caught with
cigarettes. To prepare her for her university entrance examination| her mother decides to send her to Seiho Cram School. However| when the school director| Yoshitaka
Tsubota| hears about Sayaka's academic problem| he makes it his personal achievement to help her enter the university of her choice| Keio University| a prestigious
university that is considered one of the most difficult to enter in Japan. After her father labels her an "air-head"| Sayaka became determined to study hard to prove
her father wrong. Over the course of the summer holidays of her second year through to the exams at the end of her third year in senior high school| Sayaka studies
extremely hard. She ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John H (fr) wrote: Boring, depressing, waste of time...really?!!!!

Arpita M (fr) wrote: Two words (or one, depending on how you write it) - Time pass.

Jampa H (es) wrote: ... you must bein a relleaxed mood to follow the inner dramas (Christianity) of those 2 guys and their crazy mothers ... all of them great actors ... my heart was crying, seeing all this ... filmed in a romantic landscape ... for peolple with a heart ...

Jamie C (ru) wrote: The soundtrack is the only good thing about this, The film is predictable and boring, Poorly acted and very overrated unless your a single middle aged woman.

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Lisa S (ru) wrote: Great action flick, it's a lot of fun!

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