Flying Virus

Flying Virus

A journalist uncovers a government conspiracy to unleash virus-carrying killer bees that could wipe out humanity.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English,Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   fight,   fire,  

A journalist uncovers a government conspiracy to unleash virus-carrying killer bees that could wipe out humanity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonie H (fr) wrote: Am now a certified Sarah G fan! As in ... am amazed at how she has grown from being cutely funny to naturally funny :) And her drama moments are right on the spot so please and hopefully, besides Box Office, there will be an award nomination somewhere. JLC is not as intense as say..the Mistress but still intense nonetheless. I am not really a JLC shipper but heck, the doe-eye look makes me wonder how SG was able to hold her fort - must have ended up with too much takes. As it is, he's on his typical self that you can't hate. Just one look - sheesh, what anger? what hate?I have a very high expectations on this last installment. (and I never thought there will be a last one). Especially after having to wait for days to watch and hearing the raves from folks and to quote a friend "better than 1 and 2"..whoa! It is hard to compartmentalize and bring expectation down. Yet, it delivered. Everyone delivered - from the support (Gio, Joross, Matet) to the main (JLC and SG). Indeed, will laugh and cry and laugh and cry. There are even moments which if you are more observant that you will wonder if they are actually acting at all because they are so genuine and natural on what they do. Yes, the chemistry is there and inexplicable. (Side note - I hope they will have another movie...the public am sure will not be weary of another story!)What I like most with this last is the growth of them as individuals (yes, I like 2.0 better hehe) and as a couple. I like that they are of equal footing in the relationship at this point - both hurt, both still loving, and both figuring out how to move on and back. There are just so much family moments too (JLC family, SG family) that added more sniffles to me. So net, that's the total picture for you - the full circle from couple hood to family to work/career. While Part 2 is too frou-frou, I think this one is more sane/realistic and "fair play" hence making this better than Part 2 and more than Part 1.Inserting NYC in the story is cherry on the top for me. Nuff said. So now am confused...JLC/SG or GA/SG?!P.S. Isabelle Daza is so elegant - damn! Even with the exit - she's so hot damn!

Eric W (de) wrote: Funny how critics said this movie wasn't very good but audience members actually thought it was entertaining. Well I thought it was pretty good. What do critics know? It's with a watch. Maybe even a repeat watch.

Randy T (mx) wrote: Other than the painfully slow pacing, I really enjoyed this film. It's quintessential IFC stuff, with all the characteristics and charm that we've come to expect from independently produced comedies. Fascinatingly odd.

John K (de) wrote: Not as good as the book (why they didn't stick with the real ending, I'll never know). But a solid flick all-around, and you can't find someone better for the lead than Sam Rockwell...

Niklas S (fr) wrote: I love Harlan and his writing after watching this I love his personality equally as much.

Brad S (gb) wrote: Note great...but laugh a few times in my 2nd time watching it. Loved Nick Swardson's cameo...he was killing me. if you haven't seen it, give it a try!

Thomas W (mx) wrote: After one wins an Oscar, one's old and forgotten (shelved) film projects will eventually find their way out of the vault and onto our big or small screens. The Devil You Know happens to be Jennifer Lawrence's misplaced film which was actually filmed back in 2005 when Lawrence was just a teenager getting her start in Hollywood waiting for a big break. The Devil You Know is about a struggling actress (Rosamund Pike - Jack Reacher) who is hoping to follow in the footsteps of her once-famous actress mother (Lena Olin - Chocolat). Her mother left her highly successful career and the accompanying spotlight after a family tragedy several years ago and this film brings mother to daughter together as this tragedy comes to the forefront. The story is also fleshed out with a few flashbacks ... the ones further in the past actually feature Lawrence as a younger version of Pike's character. The movie -- if one can actually call this such (it is barely 72 minutes long) -- is rather slow and pedantic and not overly engrossing until the central "mystery" finally starts to reveal itself with only 10 minutes left of the film. Once the story actually starts going someplace it is over! Lawrence is barely in this film so it isn't even one for die-hard Lawrence fans (her younger Katniss friends would HATE this) ... and it really isn't one for anybody else either. I think the film has a decent idea behind it but there just isn't anything here to make it come about. Pike is a better actress than this and I am looking forward to her next starring role in David Fincher's Gone Girl this fall.

Logan M (us) wrote: It's more of a B-movie than some sort of allegory, but it's an often terrifying one.

Richard M (ag) wrote: Antonio Banderas and Woody Harrelson combine well in this road trip/ boxing movie. There are some strange moments, but the dialogue is excellent. The final bout and the complications caused by a love triangle are convincing. There are several cameos, but they really don't achieve much.

Michelle K (br) wrote: really horrible acting. but it surprisingly had quite a few lmao moments

Dinesh P (fr) wrote: A nice piece of history which shows how the intellectuals have always been crushed by Religious fanatics for their own benefits. The film was slow uneven and jumps here and their. Could have been better but i liked it for the insight in that world.

Lovro H (us) wrote: Brilliant film! You don't even have to be a whovian, or even know what a whovian is, to enjoy it! The true story of how Doctor Who was created is funny, cute, and at the same moment heartbreaking and sad... The ending made me cry a lot, and I'm sure you would cry just the same once you see it. David Bradley made a great W. Hartnell, and there wasn't too much difference between them, except their voice. All in all, a great drama and a must see for all whovians!

James W (jp) wrote: One of the better musician biographies I have seen. Chadwick Boseman is great as James Brown. Good direction by Tate Taylor. Look fast for a young actor named Justin Hall as Bootsy Collins. I use to work with him. Enjoyed seeing him in the film. Great use of James Brown's music. I wanted to get up and dance while watching it, but I didn't.

Ed C (gb) wrote: Very funny, Bill Murray at his best.

sacha a (ag) wrote: Great Climasx to the the Greatest Trilogy ever Fuck the Rings!!!