San Francisco! The cross roads of gay culture where, sex, love and temptation dance a dangerous two step. Joe (Cole Streets) is a porn- obsessed twenty-something who loves to film his hot ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:orgy,   gay,   male nudity,  

San Francisco! The cross roads of gay culture where, sex, love and temptation dance a dangerous two step. Joe (Cole Streets) is a porn- obsessed twenty-something who loves to film his hot ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Viet Phuong N (nl) wrote: Charming cast, light-hearted story, full of nostalgic frames, simply an awesome film (who cares about the "artistic value" or consistent plot?).

Monster (fr) wrote: It poses interesting questions on sexuality and how it can affect emotions, also drawing you into the dramatic story.

Kylie S (au) wrote: I really loved this movie. It was interesting enjoyable and emotional at times. Great acting from all the cast. I would recommend this one to watch.

Deft G (it) wrote: This may not be the height of cinematic quality, it may contain a scene college men would never be caught in (laying head to head on the grass discussing their plans?) But for my moneys worth this was Johnny Galecki finest display of acting, his character was very believable, just great acting by him, and shows why he should stay in the 'biz'. The story was fun, the events were fun, this is just a fun movie. Expect less get more. The only downfall was although Rachel Leigh Cook is nice to look at, her mannerisms were a little stiff, and forced. However, I would recommend this movie for its entertainment value, and the fact it is surprisingly good.

Don S (fr) wrote: This movie is horrible. I watched it because Sandra Bullock is in it. It is an early role for her, and she plays the girlfriend of the son of the the main protagonist . You can guess what happens to her - yes, she gets kidnapped! The story is very simplistic, the acting is terrible and there is so much gunplay that consists of shooting bullets at nothing just to be shooting. This is basically the action in the movie. The ending is not believable either. Total crap.

Alyson C (ag) wrote: I must have seen this movie about a bazillion times when I was younger and never really understood it.

Joshua G (ru) wrote: I really like Sole Survivor. It's eerie, it's worth it, and it actually is better than Final Destination. Though different in many ways, they are similar in so much else. Code Red's current (6/7/08) best release.

Syed R (jp) wrote: It's a pretty decent vampire/witch film that feels like a Universal Monster movie. The opening scene was what hooked me in, it's was something far beyond its years. Barbara Steele was great playing two completely opposite roles. Although after a while it kinda lingers until it gets to the end.

Brian K (kr) wrote: While benefiting from Fritz Lang's Sturm und Drang-style, Ministry of Fear suffers from a predictable climax and a mediocre Marjorie Reynolds.

Vishesh A (ca) wrote: dis was bad deseguys dn even look like michael and lincon

Hilary N (ru) wrote: "Oh, the Navy gets the gravy, but the Army gets the beans (beans, beans, beans, beans, beans, beans)"

Caleb C (it) wrote: Think partly Black Swan meets Birdman but less dark and less epic but still great and pretty damn moving with Al Pacino in the lead role. Barry Levinson is back with a perhaps, "return to form" or just a great film from a director who has had his fare share of ups and downs. The acting is spot on here though and it's another great performance this year from Pacino who is really making a comeback in his old age, which isn't really a surprise, I guess. Either way, this is a great character study piece that works well on every level even if there are better movies out there like this one, it's still worth a look for those who enjoy the powerhouse acting and strange and bizarre stories.