For Keeps?

For Keeps?

Darcy, editor at her highschool paper, and her long-term boyfriend Stan are in their last months of school and already have found places in good colleges. Recently they started to sleep with each other and, surprise, surprise, Darcy gets pregnant. Neither Darcy's mother, who was left by her husband and had to bring up Darcy alone, nor Stan's catholic parents are very supportive and urge them to h

Darcy, editor at her high school paper, and her long-term boyfriend Stan are in their last months of school and already have found places in good colleges. Recently they started to sleep ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Movie K (au) wrote: Rather good action pack B-grade movie. Realistic rifles, sounds and actions. Mark Dacascos is a Captain in the Marines station in Philippines. During a mission to capture a deadly terrorist, the sergeant threw a grenade and kill the guy. A passerby video the scene and post online and expose Mark face. Treat Williams as his supervisor General relieve his duty. Mark is also seeing his daughter Sofia Pernas who is ex-Marine and now chief of defense for the upcoming defense meeting. The terrorist chief want revenge and they also have plan to bomb the meeting place. They try to kidnap Mark but he manage to escape. Sofia and her gym pal are captured. Treat is also relieve of the duty and he secretly cover up Mark duty relieve and task him to save Sofia. She nearly escape but her useless friend can't hotwire the truck and can't shoot. He was beheaded. The ransom video is upload for Treat to see. Mark and his team hunt down one drug trafficker who can tell them where the terror camp is. They reach there in time to save Sofia. Mark stay back to fight and was captured. His sergeant return to help him and was killed. Sofia saw a satellite that can detonate bomb and say only she can disarm it. Meanwhile the terrorist has made bombs and planted them around the meeting place. Sofia and Joe Suba the Lieutenant return back to save Mark. Treat can't bear to see his daughter in danger and take his rifle on his own mission. Mark fight the terror chief and is winning but they hold him back. The Marines attack the base and Mark escape and kill many baddies. The tech terrorist is arming the satellite and he saw Sofia and shoot her direction. Mark came the other way and knock him out. She give the location and the airstrike blow up the place. The terror chief escape and is going to shoot mortar at their car. Treat from helicopter snipe shot him dead.

Brandon W (ag) wrote: Come Back to Me is directed by Paul Leyden, and it stars Katie Walder in a psychological horror about a neighbor that moved in next door which a married couple goes to his door and greets him. Then when Sarah (Katie Walder) sleeps, she begins to have sleep terrors that she believes to be true. A few months ago, one of my good friends recommended this to me that I have never heard of which she think is good. I did watch some of the beginning of it, but I just stop watching it after that. Since I'm gonna be going back to school for senior year, I figured that I should watch it so I can tell her about what I think of it, which for me, was terrible. The acting is all right, which I think that Katie Walder did a decent job of what she has to bring to this. There's a good idea in this that can be very creepy, and the ending was honestly the best part of the film, not because the film was ending, but because the twist in it was a bit unexpected and clever that made sense to me. Those are the only parts in here that I actually like, consider that it goes downhill from what I have to say about this. I didn't care a single shred of it for the characters, and I didn't find one moment of it that I found remotely scary. It was obvious about where it was going, and it was obvious about Dale being creepy, which there's no reason behind it, nor of any other questions that wasn't answered because the writing is so bad. I understand why my good friend likes it as it does have a good idea in there that would've worked, but it was executed so poorly that I was getting bored of the film.

Venkataramesh K (es) wrote: Good Intelligent Screen Play, Nice Plot, Great dialogues. Interesting Music and performances.Female Lead Illeana could have performed better. Allu and Sonu sood rocked. Rest all support crew is good.

Indira S (nl) wrote: "Bad Teacher" was even better than this,,

Alenor L (it) wrote: I couldn't watch the whole thing I forwarded 80% of it, another typical idiotic movie

Toby E (br) wrote: Urm... okaaay. Good attempt and I did LOL a few times but mainly at the absurdity of it.

Arslan K (kr) wrote: Good not great. Could have wen better

Private U (de) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie. One of the more entertaining ones I've seen in a long time. Ed Harris did a wonderful job. Script is pretty funny.

Lani J (mx) wrote: love martin in this movie and mr. weenie!

Lexie S (it) wrote: boring and tooo many "fucks"

Michael P (br) wrote: Hilariously awesome. Bunch of convicts, bunch of guns, bunch of mayhem.

Mark S (au) wrote: "Muppet Treasure Island" follows the same formula as "Muppet Christmas Carol," but it sacrifices a lot of the previous movie's charm for more zany jokes that seem rather hit-or-miss. Still, an average Muppet movie is a lot better than most of the other movies that I could be watching.

Zachary S (us) wrote: Christopher Walken, FUCK YEAH!!

Camille L (de) wrote: Malgr quelques scnes qui singent sans gnie des classiques amricains comme Scarface et quelques incohrences particulirement gnantes et clairement vitables, La French est un bon thriller franais domin par un Jean Dujardin excellent et par un supporting cast (Benot Magimel et Moussa Maaskri sont au top) tout aussi bon. On vitera d'accabler Gilles Lellouche, par contre, mais il n'est pas crdible une minute en parrain de la drogue. De plus, la mise en scne de Cedric Jimenez oscille entre le trs efficace et le chichiteux. C'est dommage, car avec un peu plus de classicisme, on aurait pu avoir un trs bon film.

David O (br) wrote: Idealistic. Almost to a point of moralistic propaganda. Story is well told. Characters well developed. And Kurosawa style delightful. There are parts I felt it's dragging on. But all in all, a courageous work in the post-war era.

Veer G (ag) wrote: This should of been called "Supergirl: The Movie" because the movie is focused on her all throughout the whole movie. Batman Superman Apocalypse offers a great villain and incredible action sequences

Catherine R (nl) wrote: Book cometh to life.