For Lovers Only

For Lovers Only

FOR LOVERS ONLY is a story of a MAN and a WOMAN in love. After seeing each other for the first time in years while on separate work assignments in Paris, the LOVERS flee together and travel by train, car and motorcycle, as their love affair takes them across France-from Normandy to St. Tropez. Throughout their trip, both characters experience long periods of carefree bliss and unrepentant joy punctuated by brief moments of guilt and confusion. The final outcome of the affair is left open to interpretation.

An American photographer runs into an old flame while on assignment in Paris. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jean D (br) wrote: I am recommending this movie to all my friends! It's light-hearted and yet has a really good point that is delivered smoothly without preaching.

Matt C (it) wrote: Some seriously sniffy reviews here, well I loved it! You could probably argue that the drama doesn't quite live up to the sparkling Welsh school recreations of 70s classic songs but it's never less than heartfelt. In the end Minnie Driver is so good at this sort of role and any film which ends with a recreation of 'Life on Mars' is always going to win me round. I was really charmed from start to finish.

Kay L (kr) wrote: Makes a very good point.

Mark N (jp) wrote: Imagine John Waters made a horror movie about a director who uses real bodies for props.. and then remove any part that makes Waters movies such deliciously rye.The constant winking at the camera by the script is childlike and lacking any witt. It spells out what the audience already understand and offers nothing more. The awful wigs and performances are obviously intentional but do nothing but belabor an already laborious experience.

Zach S (mx) wrote: where else can you see a giant octopus total the statue of liberty? keep the remote handy to rewind the scene where the protagonist falls from lady liberty and fast forward through just about everything esle.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: The film is light, funny and very amusing in the way it shows the prosaic everyday life of common people as witnessed by an idle and increasingly impatient man visiting a Kurdish little village in Iran, even if the poignant result ranks among one of Kiarostami's minor works.

Camille L (nl) wrote: L'entreprise est tres sympathique, elle a un message precis a faire passer, elle nous l'assene a grands coups de gags mediocres et mal mis en scene... En effet, MICHAEL MOORE n'insuffle aucun rythme et aucune originalite a son film. Cependant, les acteurs sont excellents, comme d'habitude, ALAN ALDA et JOHN CANDY en tete.

Srn G (au) wrote: Enginn fr a sem hann vill essari mynd. Mr finnst hn gt en minnisleysi fr reyndar nstum v me a. Ef g vri ekki tilbin a gefa Almodvar meiri slaka en &teh;rum hefi g slkkt myndinni egar a gerist.

Franck B (br) wrote: Dans une situation tendue, quand tu parles avec un calibre en pogne, personne ne bronche... y'a des statistiques la d'ssus...

Andrew S (gb) wrote: In a post nuclear disaster city where forgetting is impossible Emanuelle Riva's nameless character is drawn to forget. Alain Resnais' direction is moody and swings with emotion in the darkest and brutally honest hearts of the destitute. Half documentary of the nuclear effects presented on film and on a people and half a story of love, endless loss and tragedy. The French actress and the Japanese architect remain nameless as they come to represent the sexual ties and bonds forged between occupied countries and the people who have suffered under horrific circumstances. As we delve and drift farther into their lives where the two remain as if tied in an endless dance amongst their waking their memories the journey's result is simply devastating. This film is undeniably one of the finest films of the 1950s and of the foreign language. Riva was clearly snubbed from the Oscars for best actress. First time rating: 9.9/10

Andrew D (ag) wrote: I was turned off by the distracting, over-the-top score that was so prevalent in films of the era. I found no reason to care about what was going on to the characters so I turned it off.

Guido S (es) wrote: Clint Eastwood usually is fantastic behind the camera, this is not one of those times. This tells the story of the Four Seasons from their struggling start all the way through their entire career. The problem is with the pacing, after I felt like the film should be wrapping up, it was only halfway through and felt like an eternity already. It is just too slow moving. The performances are mostly ok, no one really sticks out. Christopher Walken is wasted in a role too small for this caliber of actor. A solid story with the wrong person directing the film.

Jenn M (es) wrote: For a low budget sort of Indie film, this really wasn't bad.Based on a true story, this film follows two friends who go from nobodies to running a very lucrative drug business by smuggling over the Canadian border. something that happens multiple times a day, I'm sureThe acting was decent, I wasn't disappointed by bad casting or bad acting, even the dialogue was good. Would I watch this again? Probably not. I got what I needed out of it