For Luck

For Luck

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:40 minutes
  • Release:1917
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Since Zoya Verenskaya's husband passed away ten years ago, she has been devoted to her daughter Lee. At present, Lee is in poor health, and she is in danger of losing her eyesight. Zoya's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(ag) wrote: I would have given more stars if it wasn't Coppola's

Frecissimo S (ru) wrote: he his the best Indian actor in my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin O (jp) wrote: Only rednecks and retards would pay to see this movie.

Stephen E (ag) wrote: It's hard to ever fully invest yourself in "Bloody Sunday" because of the film's lack of emotional attachment to its characters. Paul Greengrass succeeds in recreating that historically infamous day, but the documentary-like style that he takes with his execution severs any ties that we might have with the characters. Instead, all that we really do is watch from a distance as the events unfold and then come to a close, which is surprisingly more interesting than it sounds. "Bloody Sunday" doesn't offer much in the way of developing relationships between its characters and audience, but if you want a gritty, well-acted and historically accurate drama, then it's your film.

J K (ag) wrote: When your main plot point is someone wanting world peace, it can't be interesting.

Jack G (nl) wrote: The kind of dark drama that could have been great if Bryan Johnson had been able to extracate himself from the 'View Askew' style of dialog. This isn't Kevin Smith, but he's in it, produced it, and perhaps it's why the film got made. It's great to see Brian "I'm not supposed to be here today" O'Halloran stretch dramatically, but was it worth the effort?

Drake H (nl) wrote: Really wasn't that funny. Laughed a couple of times

Mal R (fr) wrote: Fab film - one a my faves - n Big Country on the ol soundtrack too:)

Celestine W (ca) wrote: supposed to be a classic...we watched this movie in class as part of Script Writing's lecture...may be we can't apreaciate at the beginning...we laughed at the "low tou" scold by Miss Chan finally>_< Now I can appreciate...may be=_=

Colin L (it) wrote: While it is not far off similar as Saludos Amigos, Three Caballeros has more charm, length and story behind it. It is just as culturally investing, if not not more than the predecessor. The only downside which is a major one is the final third of the film which drags the pacing down and has almost no more ideas to give other than showing its animation prowess. This would lead into a strange mini-era of Disney that would lead into cartoon shorts cobbled together in films. Whether for the better or worse.

Cecilie H (mx) wrote: this is a beautiful melodrama, and i really enjoyed it. barbara stanwyck totally touched my heart!

Takasha R (ag) wrote: the true story of New York hustlers

Steve W (gb) wrote: When a pickpocket steals a vital microfilm from a woman's purse, he gets more than he bargained for when a Communist spy ring and the police come after him. This playful and fun noir film has plenty of thrills, cool characters, and romance, and a great performance from Richard Widmark.