For the First Time

For the First Time

Two lovers spend an unforgettable summer in Greece, but their differences threaten to break them up.

“For the First Time” follows the lives of a couple from two very different worlds. Seth (Richard Gutierrez) is a rich, impulsive playboy who runs away from serious relationships and doesn’t give much thought to the women he goes out with, and Sophia (KC Concepcion), a prude, ambitious girl who feels responsible for the tragedy she once encountered, and with a scar to constantly remind her about this unfortunate experience. When the two accidentally meet in Santorini, their differences did not stop them from spending one unforgettable summer together—that is until Seth runs away again, scared of the very unusual feeling that is happening within him. Seth soon realizes his mistake and comes back to Manila to try his best to regain Pia's affection. Conflicts in land ownership and businesses of their parents are now parts of a wall that is growing in between them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Asia E (it) wrote: its vary good vary horror like for the Robert Englund fans out their just wonderful.

HAPPY (br) wrote: i loved this movie it was awsome and fun

Michael R (jp) wrote: Dark, disturbing metafilm - actor Nicolas Bro plays 'actor Nicolas Bro', who arms himself with a video camera for a year to save his marriage by making the ultimate, personal love story on film. Eventually he goes bonkers, and the film threatens to do the same, but Bro's no-holds-barred performance keeps you compelled to keep watching, as he goes from lovesick to pathetic to downright scary. Reminiscent of Gaspar Noe's Irreversible.

Robert I (it) wrote: Oh my God, they didn't...

Jori P (br) wrote: Ilman Millaa olis saanut yhden thden.

Elgan D (mx) wrote: I enjoyed the tone of the movie and all the performances are first rate but I felt the plot was a little over reliant on coincidence.

Alberto M (kr) wrote: outdated, very weird rom-com, not so bad, not so good. i hated the effects and the male cast.

Ndreamer B (us) wrote: I like this movie.The end was great.I liked how it concluded:the bittersweet,so dignified. Catherine Sloper: You treated me badly. I felt it very much. I felt it for years. It made a great change in my life. But I can't talk about it. Morris Townsend: Why didn't you marry then. Levinia tells me there've been chances. Catherine Sloper: I didn't wish to marry. Yes. Morris Townsend: You had nothing to gain. Catherine Sloper: I had nothing to gain. What ever else happened, I did, I did love once. Well, actually. Morris Townsend: Do you hate me? Catherine Sloper: No. But please don't come here again.

Pasha A (au) wrote: Good for just one time! nothing to remember after seeing this.

Brad W (br) wrote: Good potboiler. Early Michael J. Fox.

Lucia T (jp) wrote: Xmas without snow and Three Wishes for Cinderella isn't Xmas :o)

Brendon M (nl) wrote: The conduit from which all modern American comedy flows. Dirty, sexy, subversive, fun and grounded in tragic reality of modern warfare.

Jason T (nl) wrote: The leads give off decent performances and the last 20 minutes are decent but overall this a standard by the book heist movie. We have to wait forever for the heist to take place and dry boring dialogue. Drab ending.

Caesar B (ru) wrote: Definitely not up to Baumbach's usual standards.