For Those I Loved

For Those I Loved

Polish Martin Gray (Michael York) recalls the Holocaust, New York prosperity, and losing his wife (Brigitte Fossey) and family.

The true story of Martin Gray, a Polish survivor of the holocaust, from how he survived the German invasion, how got captured, and how he fought back with the rebels, to his life in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carl M (nl) wrote: A lone family struggles to survive after an unknown force wipes out most of the population, but they will have more to watch out for in woods than the other crazed remnants of mankind. THE COLLAPSED is a fitting description for Justin McConnell's post-apocalyptic plot that suffers from a confusing lack of identity. It is never certain until the end whether the film is trying to be a zombie movie or a creature feature, or if it is instead just a straight survival horror film in a world turned mad. It makes all of the same missteps as the 2010 remake of THE CRAZIES, pairing an uneventful plot and unintriguing characters together without even providing any gratuitous gore to maintain a feigning interest along the way. John Fantasia does his best as the family's forceful leader, but most of the performances feel like they are just being read to us. Even the visual metaphors are entirely transparent. THE COLLAPSED is an unfortunate miss that doesn't stack up to recent "End of the World" entries like THE DIVIDE, THE CARRIERS, or RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR.

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Richard A (br) wrote: Loved it. Richard dryfuss is hilarous

Robyn M (fr) wrote: WitchBoard failed to keep me entertain. The movies "special effects" are so out dated it looks like a ametur attempting a home video with a couple of pals. This is very disapointing you never really get to see the whatever ones in horror about and when you do its some ugly old guy with a bad make-up job. I think this movie was made by supersticous people or the parent advisery board to scare childern from using magic or a we-gi board.

Tommy H (br) wrote: The scenes in the jungle are fantastic. I had no idea the movie was going to strive for such realism. At times you have to make a little effect to keep the magic alive, but if you can accept everything you see it's a rewarding experience. I like how the part of the jungle where Tarzan lives with the apes isn't colorful and all majestic like it would be in a Disney-esque movie. It's actually kind of dreary. Very ahead of its time in that aspect. Tarzan's home is shaded, there's shelter in the trees and a waterfall to drink from. It's a practical location instead of a beautiful one. They used their brains to make this movie and not just their eyes. There's a lot of violence, but that's the kind of movie it wants to be and I'm okay with that. You can't have an authentic jungle survival movie without something bad happening. Tarzan himself is great. Christopher Lambert was born to play this role. When he leaves the jungle the movie becomes a little less interesting, but it has a satisfying ending.

Damien K (es) wrote: Black and White only intensifies the darkness and despair of this movie, and further emphasizing her speech about light and shadow. An aging actress loses everything to her drug addiction, while struggling to make a come back, but that's just half the story. Similar to "Sunset Boulevard", but with more sinister and manipulative influences playing their parts.