Force 2

Force 2

ACP Yashvardhan teams up RAW Agent KK to bring down the master mind terrorist, Shiv.

ACP Yashvardhan teams up with RAW Agent KK to bring down the mole within RAW. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Force 2 torrent reviews

James D (ca) wrote: terrible film. Just something i'd have on tv in the background

Eric B (es) wrote: Don't know what to say except that I was pretty impressed. A huge step in the right direction for Christian movies.

JeanFrancois V (it) wrote: Albert Pierrepoint was a XXth century hangman who is said to have hanged 608 people, including 200 Nazi war criminals and several women. The film covers about thirty years of his life, though the main actor (Timothy Spall, the photographer from "Shooting the Past") does not age, and one does not really get a real feeling of the flow of time, unless one pays close attention to clothes, especially in the few newsreels that are integrated into some of the scenes. The subject is rather bleak, and the film is very slow, but one execution did make me cry, and the whole experience left me with the feeling of sharing some of Pierrepoint's guilt or at least his "impurity" for having hanged so many people. There is an immediacy to some of the death scenes that makes you feel you are both victim and executioner, and have actually been through the process on both sides. The issue of the death penalty has not been one that has troubled me much. To be honest, I am more concerned about the mass murder of civilians in war or animals in the food industry, i.e. with the suffering and death of the innocent. My main problem with the death penalty is that occasionally, innocent people do get killed (some such people are shown in the film, like Timothy John Evans, who was falsely accused of murdering his daughter, while his necrophiliac landlord did it, but being unfamiliar with any of them, the whole thing escaped my attention until I did some additional reading.) But what the film made me realise was what it felt like to be the man who actually performed the deed with his own hands, or the woman he touches with those same hands.

Alex r (mx) wrote: Jean Dujardin is one of the finest French actors that I've seen. In Lucky Luke, the latest film adaptation of the classic comic series, he plays the fearless gunslinger effectively well and gives the characters some charm, which made him so likeable. Some fans may feel that this is a poor attempt at adapting the books to the screen, but I feel that this is a far better take on the comics than the Asterix live action features that they've released a decade ago. This is a well acted film that has some effective comedic moments and the cast aside from DuJardin are well chosen in their parts. An actor that also stood out for me was Michael Youn in the role of Billy the Kid. Along with Dujardin, he really shined in his performance, and was perfect for the role of Billy the Kid. Young played the character so well, that he stole the show for the most part. The film boasts a good plot, but one that could have been slightly better as well. The performances make the film work as well as the look of the film. Both make this a delight for fans of the books, and I thoroughly enjoyed it although it could have been improved upon. There is still enough material from the book to really get into it, if you're a fan of the comics, and the movie is funny and at times dark in terms of certain scenes. I think that this is one of the best adaptations of a French comic book and it is a slightly better film than Terrence Hill's Lucky Luke version. Even with that said- both are worth watching, and are quite entertaining from start to finish. Check this 2009 version out as it is far better than the live action Asterix films, which were disappointing and looked more silly than amusing. At least this film has the heart and look of the comics with the humor you'd expect.

Shane D (nl) wrote: Great stuff. Particularly from Bates. But you knew that already.

Cooper H (mx) wrote: De Niro was great and had incredible physical transformation throughout. Actual boxing scenes were quite boring

Chris D (ag) wrote: Kept my attention. Good teen movie.