Force of Five

Force of Five

Four children sneak into a terrorist-controlled hospital to steal a heart to transplant for the 5th child who is dying in a different hospital.

Four children sneak into a terrorist-controlled hospital to steal a heart to transplant for the 5th child who is dying in a different hospital. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paxton A (ru) wrote: The animation... it burns...

Charles P (ag) wrote: While Dreamgirls delivered on sparkle, spectacle, and musical talents, I kept looking for something dynamic or original and didn't find it.

Eliel L (au) wrote: Hay gags que funcionan y otros son simplemente flojos, es el mayor problema que la pelicula se satura de cualquier de chistes.Con el carisma de Leslie hace que el metraje no se sienta muy pesado.Pero en general, no es la gran cosa, es una decente pelicula comica para un buen domingo en la tarde.

Joanna H (nl) wrote: Oh yeah seen this one to. Don't recall a movie yet that I have not seen with Anfelina Jolie in it. This woman kicks ass !!!!

Rev Booe Fairie (br) wrote: This movie is so good you will piss yourself... don't believe me... try it without depends

Devon B (ru) wrote: Lady golfer Pat gets so stressed out in the presence of her fiance, she blows a golf tournament. Mike is a sports promoter who spots her at the tournament and signs her on to be one of his clients. It turns out golf is one of her "minor" sports, tennis and shooting being her major sports (although shooting really isn't referenced much subsequently). The fiance turns up at a tennis tournament and proves to be her achilles heel once again, with great visual effects used to signify her sudden mental block (it's a little bit of avant garde comedy). There are a few funny moments (Pat coming to Mike's "rescue" and beating up some gangsters for him), but the romance between Pat and Mike seems highly unlikely given the two's disparate backgrounds (she's an erudite college girl and he's a street hustling small-time promoter/bookie/gangster). A light and enjoyable comedy from two screen legends.

Robert D (us) wrote: A bit corny by current standards, but well done. Nice action in final scenes.

Derrick A (gb) wrote: Wow, this movie sucked Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson should just not do anything.

Raquel J (ag) wrote: Since the original godzilla is waaay before my time, I'm pretty loyal to the '98 version. I loved this movie and despite the terrible lighting (its horribly dark throughout the movie :( ) i think this godzilla is much better than the original. The japanese original was cheesy and unappealing to me. I couldnt even get through 10 minutes of the original. Instead of looking like a mutated lizard looks more like a fat guy in a mutant teddy bear suit. I know its from the 50s though. I think the 90s godzilla was more believable and more appealing. I know the original has one hell of a cult following and thats why most people were not open to it but i still love the '98 godzilla. I think to say it was complete crap is unfair especially considering that the 90s version does have a following as well. I think its good that someone improved on the design, but if someone thinks its crap their welcome to go back to the original

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Tami S (us) wrote: charming movie. I would watch Maggie Smith in anything and she does not dissapoint in this film. Kevin Kline is also wonderful. the scenes of Paris make me yearn to return to that beautiful city.

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Timothy J (ag) wrote: On the surface this is a good murder mystery. What this movie is really about is racism and the changing social values of the times. Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger give two of the best performances in their carriers. When Sidney Poitier slaps a Southern White man in the face in this film in 1967, it caused quite a stir in some parts of the country. A glimpse at what racial progress was up against in the south in the late 60's.