Forest of the Hanged

Forest of the Hanged

At the Romanian front near the Austro-Hungarian border during World War I, a multinational group witnesses a hanging and other military deceptions.

In 1916 as an officer in the Habsburg Army ethnic Romanian Apostol Bologa is torn between remaining loyal to the Habsburgs or deserting to the Romanian Army across enemy lines. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul C (ag) wrote: Fun, violent, bloody, interesting mystery/thriller. A great cast (all former Power Rangers) have a fun time playing very nasty people caught up in some very nasty business. This is a film that is best to go into "cold" - since part of the fun is figuring out what the heck is going on. A bloody good time.

DC E (kr) wrote: "Nobody Walks" 10 Scale Rating: 4.5 (Mediocre) ....The Good: Solid cast that I consider likeable. Despite not being a big fan of the film, it was well directed and the characters were very realistic. The Bad: Sadly though, the characters are all unhappy and miserable people and by the end of the film they are still unhappy and miserable people. There is just no resolution whatsoever and that is fine for some films, but felt out of place here. Also, while they start off as likeable, everyone becomes unlikeable pretty quickly.

Elaine Z (kr) wrote: a film about family bond and brotherhood.

tHe RaPpEr EaTeR (mx) wrote: loved this movie!!!!

Giovanni V (br) wrote: pretty nice, but i think i'm done with dramas for now

Dyron W (nl) wrote: Kevin Smith's third feature Chasing Amy, a film revolving around sexual identity, stands out as his most insightful and well-acted film to date while maintaining his hilarious, profanity-laced dialogue.

Ben R (gb) wrote: Pretty solid, if standard romantic comedy. That typical Hugh Grant awkward but charming persona works undeniably well, and I wanted to see him happy. On the other hand, Andie MacDowell as Carrie was a little lackluster. Not her acting, really, just the character in general. I've picked up on a trend in romantic comedies (and romance movies in general) that I dislike: when a relationship is defined simply by the characters' love for each other, without any real bonding. There were a couple cute scenes between Charles and Carrie, like when she's trying on wedding dresses, and when she's listing all her sexual partners to him (I loved his facial expressions during that scene), but generally they don't really have any real conversations, you know? I think I've just gotten used to this problem in romantic comedies, so this movie doesn't stick out as particularly bad in that regard, but it's just something that always bothers me a bit. I'm rarely that invested in couples in movies like this because they only seem to be in love because they have to be for the story. Still, I did want to see Charles be happy.One thing I liked was the structure of the movie. It's very clever to base the movie basically around weddings, and the title itself leaves you to speculate about who will be involved in all these weddings and the funeral. It's fitting that the big climax takes place during Charles's wedding, though I couldn't help but be horrified at that scene a little. I mean, I know 'Duckface' wasn't very likable, but I kept putting myself in her shoes and thinking about how much that would suck. And with all the time and planning that went into that wedding, and all the people who are just sitting there eagerly waiting, and it all blows up because the groom is an asshole...Probably my favorite aspect of the movie was the ensemble cast. There's a real sense of camaraderie between all the friends who show up at all the weddings, and Charles gets small meaningful moments with each of them. I especially liked his conversation with Tom after the funeral; the whole funeral sequence was surprisingly well-done and emotional, partly because John Hannah was excellent as Matthew, and his eulogy was really emotional. I liked the reveal that he and Gareth were partners. I also liked his interactions with his deaf brother, and I liked the witty use of sign language in the climax. Fiona was also an interesting side character, even though her sole subplot kind of made her an object of pity since she loved Charles. Still, I liked their interactions, especially later on, and I personally wouldn't have minded if Charles and Fiona got together, especially because Kristin Scott Thomas was quite the looker.Overall, this was a breezy, enjoyable romantic comedy with some light comedy ("your awful wedded wife") and some nice moments of friendship. I'm not sure I'll remember it very vividly, but I had fun watching it.

Mike W (us) wrote: This is a great premise and a great, fun film, even though it stalls a little in the middle. Ferrell, Fey and Cross are superb. The only thing that might let it down is that it really feels like it's more for adults than kids.