On a spur of the moment road trip, new friends Sophie and Pete hatch a misguided plan to get hitched.

Sophie and Pete get engaged on their first date, which is a 6-hour drive through the desert. And then nothing goes wrong... nothing at all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew S (it) wrote: Swanberg's experimental and scrappy little movie is filled with interesting insights as we watch a middle age actor playing a variation of himself. While he is seems determined to prove he not only loves his career and his life -- it isn't long before we notice this is not the truth of "Uncle Kent" As we move through his week, we not only see the awkwardness and unease intensify with each interaction -- we can almost feel his loneliness edging toward isolation. This film is far too observed to be dismissed.

Jei P (us) wrote: who wants a normal heart when you can have a heart that can heal and help so many extra ordinary hearts

Paul D (it) wrote: It's pretty ordinary stuff in the main that you've seen before if you like this genre, but I did like the twist towards the end.

Matt N (ag) wrote: was expecting something different but still watchable

JD C (fr) wrote: I gave this movie way too many chances, but it never worked. I wanted to just shut it off like every ten minutes, but I don't know, something about it had me thinking it might get better. It wasn't till an hour and 10 minutes into it that I realized the movie was going absolutely nowhere. Nothing happened! And when something slightly interesting did occur, it took 20 minutes to build up to it. And a fu**ing lousy payoff too. This movie is all talk and no action. It wants to be sick and extreme, but it just isn't. It's just a boring movie that drags on and on, with many unnecessary scenes and plenty of lame, and effortless dialogue. This is not an instant "cult classic" as many other reviews have said. I don't think this crap can be a cult classic! I mean how can it be? Can there seriously be a fan base for this crap? It's a such a retarded, pointless and completely forgettable movie. What a snoozer! Booooooooo!!! It's a shame the producers blew their money on this. I feel bad for them. I mean really, this was such an unnecessary film. There was not one single new thing to offer any horror fans... I'm already starting to forget this movie. ha

PB M (es) wrote: Good except for the ghetto trash talk.

Jeffrey N (au) wrote: While I appreciate Artie Lange more than most, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Ralph Macchio in a movie again, this movie was nothing more than a vulgar, low-budget collection of one-liners straight from the Howard Stern show. While that normally wouldn't bother me, Artie is better than this. No, really. He is.

Matas C (ru) wrote: Larga vida a los mockumentaries (los falsos documentales). Cmo me divierten! En este caso, se trata de la "historia" de dos hermanos siameses -Tom y Barry- que no son separados al nacer. Un productor teatral los descubre y los convierte en rockeros para explotarlos comercialmente. La historia transcurre en la Inglaterra rural de los aos '70. Sexo, drogras, rock&roll y la infaltable perversin inglesa terminan de completar la trama. La msica, muy buena!Dice el productor: "I never exploited anyone... who didn't want to be exploited."

Brandon R (us) wrote: If you were around in the 70s you can laugh with this show , it is funny!

petagay l (ca) wrote: this is the best movie ever u have to check it out

aidsheikh94 S (au) wrote: Bhootnath is a terrrible film and lacks content. There is no plot. The comedy is extremely slapstick and also outdated. The film is dull throughout. This film gets the 40% because of the prformances. But I believe there is no need to have such a big cast for such a type of film. This is one of the least creative films I have ever seen.

Laura M (mx) wrote: "What do you believe in?""Ha ha. Ho ho. Hee hee."I wanted to turn it off.

Matt G (mx) wrote: Great Performances from Hackman, Coburn and Bergen but the script could have been better!

Samuel C (jp) wrote: the untold stories of the brave Nazis who testify against the wrongdoings of the third Reich. Refreshing point of view

Michael H (fr) wrote: Reasonably effective slasher movie that adheres to the rules but in Loverboy creates a vicious new monster.

Dan O (ru) wrote: Makes Gangster Squad look like the freakin' Godfather.

Randy T (nl) wrote: WWII through the eyes of an average, somewhat inept British foot soldier. Director Stuart Cooper effectively interlaces real war footage with scenes of the infantryman's more mundane daily routines. We get to know the character by vicariously sharing his hardship and even witnessing his frequent daydreams. Though released in 1975, this has an even older feel to it. A nice combination of post-war sensibility anchored deep in 1944's harsh reality. Definitely a film that warrants more discussion and deserves much more recognition.

Andy T (ru) wrote: Loaded with the great chemistry between Keira Knightley and Steve Carell, Seeking A Friend is a sweet and emotional film, even when its story is somewhat uneven with the pacing.

Maksim B (nl) wrote: Provocative, polarizing and definitely hard-to-chew, The Riot Club is not a movie for everyone. Even though it could be considered quite superficial, this movie is a captivating look at the vulgar, privileged lifestyle of young British upper-class men who are to be Britain's elite one day. Brutal and sometimes shocking this is a simple story depicted in a way that many would probably dislike.Miles (Max Irons) is a first-year student at Oxford, when he is recruited in the very exclusive The Riot Club. A club for very privileged, super-rich boys at the university for whom there are no boarders and limits. The club works as a sort of decadent gathering of young and arrogant men who trip on alcohol, drugs, sex and offending others. Protected by the money and power of their families the the members of The Riot Club know no limits when it comes to parties and this is shown throughout most of the movie. At the annual "season" opening, after the recruitment procedures have finished, the members of the club gather in a private space in a small village restaurant and start their decadent evening of food, alcohol, drugs, and sex. The movie mostly focuses on the scenes from that particular evening, the recruitment process prior to it and the aftermath of the night. Shown through the eyes of multiple actors, Lone Scherfig's delivery has one simple message to the audience: depicting the environment and the world of these rich boys. A world of debauchery, ambitions and power, a world where friendships last only as far as it suit the people, The Riot Club is an ugly depiction of very cruel world. Recommending this movie is definitely not an easy task, especially given the fact that this is definitely not a mainstream entertainment. Uneasy and far from being perfect, this is a provoking delivery which deserves to be seen.

Stefano F (ag) wrote: Not as funny as I thought