Forever Dead

Forever Dead

A crazed rabbit attacks the residents of a small community, turning its inhabitants into zombies. Six people struggle with their own inner demons, some of which are more frightening than the zombies they are trying to survive.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:b movie,   rabbit,   zombie,  

A crazed rabbit attacks the residents of a small community, turning its inhabitants into zombies. Six people struggle with their own inner demons, some of which are more frightening than the zombies they are trying to survive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe C (ca) wrote: Another excellent documentary. This time we're looking at the meteoric rise of classified and secretive material in the United States. The film does a great job of examining the current climate of secrecy in America, but it also looks back to the '50s, and shows us how we arrived where here. Most impressive though, it is one of the most well-balanced docs that I've ever seen. It doesn't feel biased or preachy at all. Grade: B+

Faley A (it) wrote: Most romantic amongst three episodes of Yoji Yamada's famous Samurai trilogy.. incredibly romantic and subtle and sentimental in its own way..

Kandis A (br) wrote: Pretty good movie!!!!

Anna S (ag) wrote: I may be an aspiring "woul-be" Lacanian but that's not why Zizek works for me. Yes, he talks Lacan and psychoanalysis in a relatively simple language and reading him helps me get a better understaning of Lacan, but Zizek really works for me when he talks about film theory. The fact that he analyzes movies through Lacan and psychoanalysis is just an added bonus.

Elder Grella (fr) wrote: one of the best movies ever

Kevin R (mx) wrote: You can't solve everything with a shotgun. A poor South Carolina mother has two little girls. Her husband was killed in an unfortunate traffic accident and she now works hard as a waitress. While working as a waitress her brother introduces her to a gentleman from the factory that seems perfect. He cares about the wellbeing of the girls and deeply loves the mother; however, after they are married and he struggles to make enough money to get by he snaps. "When are you going to do something to make your daddy proud? I can tell you when. Never." Anjelica Huston, director of Agnes Brown and Riding the Bus with My Sister, delivers Bastard out of Carolina in her directorial debut. The storyline for this picture is very compelling. The characters are perfectly presented and the cast delivers excellent performances. The cast includes Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Rooker, Ron Eldard, Christina Ricci, Lyle Lovett, Jena Malone, and Glenne Headley. "Someone has to love her enough to care how she turns out." I have begun watching Michael Rooker pictures I haven't seen and decided to start this journey by watching this film. I thought the acting was good and felt that numerous scenes were intense and well delivered. Jennifer Jason Leigh was excellent in the lead role and Rooker was an fabtastic side character that was easy to root for. I strongly recommend seeing this movie. "He told me he wouldn't touch me if I took a bath in whiskey and put a paper bag over my head." Grade: A-/A

Sammi L (kr) wrote: There are parts of Cremaster 1 which are simple enough to follow; for example, "Goodyear" is controlling the dancers on the football field with her bizarre grape ritual, however after reading the synopsis and discovering the dancers represented fertility and birth, I can't admit to actually being able to identify this in the film. But then, this is Cremaster!

John S (au) wrote: This is the movie that made me appreciate Ron Howard as a director.

Tim M (kr) wrote: A light, glitzy, fluffy, fun little 80's dance movie that does the generation justice.

Tom K (mx) wrote: the positive points are: the animation is nicely done, the voice over acting is good and the music is nice. the negative point: it makes me wanna kill myself! this movie DARK and depressing, you really feel sorry for these 2 dogs. there life's have been nothing but pain and misery and to top it all off they pretty much kill them selfs at the end just to be free and happy oh yeah there's one moment when you think a man is going to be nice to them... and he gets shot in the face! i felt horrible after watching this and the fact that allot of countries promote this as a kids film is just mind bottling. i'm going to hug an animal or 2 just to let them know that there loved because this was just awful!

Freddie F (gb) wrote: A blunder on Hitch's part for this one. There's one incredibly awesome shot, but other than that the film is just largely mediocre. We're told who the murderer is early on, and the whole film struggles to create suspense set-pieces, but we're left lacking significant enough interest in the characters or the going-on's to really get excited. The whole thing is also punctuated but awkward attempts at comedy. Then, in case you aren't peeved enough, the very end reveals what the point of everything was: a two hour long set-up to a stupid one-liner. Perhaps if Hitch had made this film in the late 40's in lustrous black and white, and spared us the stupid gratuitous nudity, it might have faired better. But in 1972 it just comes off as extraordinarily tame, limp and disappointing, especially coming from such a well respected source.

Marco T (fr) wrote: A great premise is unfortunately not quite utilised by flat handling and a rather dull central performance.

Bill S (ca) wrote: Awesome film !!!!!! Lots of laughs !!!!!

Jennifer R (de) wrote: Another movie that made me cry.

Scott M (mx) wrote: you out of your mind if you don't think that this is a five star movie I'm talking 5 stars. brilliant, brilliant brilliant. excellent writing brilliant.

Carreh R (au) wrote: Pretty bad, cheesy, stereotypical but had a few good comic moments.