Carl Hamilton (Coq Rouge, Sweden's James Bond) is called before KU (Sweden's answer to the American congressional hearing) to answer questions about a spy war between Sweden and the Soviet ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:60 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sequel,   courtroom,  

Carl Hamilton (Coq Rouge, Swedens James Bond) is called before KU (Swedens answer to the American congressional hearing) to answer questions about a spy war between Sweden and the Soviet ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Förhöret torrent reviews

Nishan S (jp) wrote: its a blockbuster movie

Shashank B (it) wrote: The movie is dumb, logicless yet entertaining.

Navjot D (ca) wrote: Watch it cause you will definitely find someone playing your part in the movie. The only bad thing in movie - KAJOL...

Shantel D (es) wrote: I didn't even make it ten minutes in before shutting it off.

Caleb M (fr) wrote: Campy without being funny, chock full of scenes that say nothing. I know of no one who will enjoy Otto; or Up With Dead People, a gay-zombie-art-porn film that tries awfully hard to be about more than zombies having sex. One imaginative bit is a character who lives in her own silent-film world, where she appears in black and white within scratched vintage film and her dialog appears on screen afters she says it. Other than that the film tries hard and achieves nothing.

Steve K (jp) wrote: You won't care you who lives or dies. You won't care how graphic or gory it is. This is strictly amateur night, and while I usually give more slack to a film that tries to push genre boundaries, this one does so in such a blunt way that it actually dulls the film. Most of these "characters" would have long killed each other before being offed by a killer. Not even good as a timekiller.

Awa D (de) wrote: The 1st part is great but at the moment where we are in 2050, it's a ****. Harman is so cute !

Michael T (it) wrote: Violent apocalyptic film throws every cliche into its plot and still manages to be boring.

Russ B (fr) wrote: 4/20/2016: A pretty decent movie. The cast was good and the story interesting,

Austin G (br) wrote: Having not experienced this true story in real life, since I wasn't even born yet, this Disney film makes me wish I had been there in the crowd.

Noel V (de) wrote: You can tell this was a personal obsession with Daniels--he drags every loony thought found in his head into this picture, along with every ounce of love and passion he can muster, and at least in this case the results I find aren't bad at all (despite the film almost being universally panned by establishment critics). 'Bizarre' hardly describes this; one has to append the word 'beyond' for the term to begin to do justice. Daniels goes into Upper Michigan culture, into game hunting culture, and into the culture of big boys cooped up in a hunting lodge, flatulating (the scene where he and his friends deal with one man's monumentally stored, built-up and expelled fart has to be the greatest joke (of its kind) in film history). Along the way he touches upon a gently demented but somehow sincerely held form of mysticism, one that connects with nature, manhood, and some strange notions about the infinite.

Joey Q (us) wrote: Classic Tarantino. The amount of stars in this movie is insane. One of my favorite ending sequences of any movie. Loads of laughs

Ricky M (ag) wrote: B+ Ricky Miller 2-14-14

STCENTERPRISE (ca) wrote: I thought it was a funny film. It shows the outrageous suspicions that all Russians had in the Soviet Union. I like how the sets look. I think it is a comedy, a mystery, and several other kinds of genre type of film which I am not sure I'm able to clearly identify. I thought it was a pretty great film. I would buy it. Clark Gabel did a very good job acting in this film.

Carlos M (gb) wrote: Garca made a really powerful drama here with a highly emotional and sincere story about regrets and how some choices that we make in our lives define our paths and future, and it has a fantastic cast, especially Annette Bening and Naomi Watts, who deserve to be praised.

Dillon L (ca) wrote: One of my favs of the series second best