Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives

Examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods.

The documentary helps the audience explores the great thing that so-called "diseases of affluence. It centers on the process development and influence for people's diets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel P (us) wrote: "Look, sir, we lost our friends and we just need your help findin' them, that's all."

Amanda A (ru) wrote: One of my most favorites! I love the actor who played the king...

Sarah S (br) wrote: Although I don't really like the time-travel thing, the movie was awesome, just like an extended episode with all the villians, tons of Rufus', an Kim kickin butt! Plus awesome voices!

Torstein F (ca) wrote: Great performance by Kieffer Sutherland. Very touching movie.

Claudia S (ag) wrote: what a dissapointment. there were no wild grizzlys until the last five minutes, he couldn't walk two steps without falling over when he was in the armor, and all he did was talk about how cool his hunting knives were. however, since i watched this as one half of a double feature with The Grizzly Man, it was interesting for me to watch the completely opposite ways that this guy, Troy, and Timothy Trentwell try to satisfy their fanatical desire to become bears.

Laura E (es) wrote: Laurel Holloman looked so sexy when she was younger and she does it now too. I liked it a lot, a sweet stor about teen girls, one of them realizes she's gay.

Andrea L (au) wrote: A really great tv film on the first years of HIV in the US. It's a good history lesson on the implications of politics on science and medicine.

Allen G (kr) wrote: Plenty of Cage-rage with nice treats for Karate Kid, Monk and Everybody Loves Raymond fans (I have ultimate cast knowledge!) This is a comedy with a hint of Indecent Proposal in there and Elvis, lots of fake Elvis. It's pretty funny, mostly because of Cage but it's really nothing special. Pretty boring and predictable but there's enough there for it to be worth watching anyway. If you are a Cage fan there's certainly some memorable scenes and I am so yes, BRING THE CAGE!!!

Stephen E (jp) wrote: The message at the center of "Ruthless" may seem dated and unoriginal given how much time has passed since its making, but it's still just as relevant. Films chronicling the rise and fall of men addicted to money and power are made often enough to make the whole concept seem tired and overdone, but despite this, "Ruthless" is still a solidly entertaining yet predictable drama. The biggest problem is Edward G. Ulmer, who has never been a director that I can trust to produce a good motion picture, and once again, his direction is almost entirely responsible for the slow pace that "Ruthless" moves at. Of course, there are times where the pace picks up and things get interesting, but it isn't long before Ulmer returns back to his stationary, monotonous routine. There are some performances that are effective, such as Zachary Scott's slimy Horace Vendig and Louis Hayward as the best friend, and then there are some that aren't, such as Sydney Greenstreet's Buck Mansfield, which is a performance that the actor seems like he's sleeping through half of the time. Overall, "Ruthless" is not an especially memorable or well-crafted motion picture, but it works because of its cleverly-structured screenplay, lead performances and important message.

Daryl (kr) wrote: loved this movie when I was a kid.Joe Pesci plays the best slum lord ever,such a funny movie from start to finsh.when he goes and plays basketball I laugh my ass off all the time I see it.

Gina W (ag) wrote: I know it wasn't rated good, but I just had to see Meryl Streep. She can play anyone.

Sally S (ca) wrote: didnt know this made it to theaters... good movie tho, this is the type of role i like samuel jackson in... mendes even did an okay job; harris was good as always, his roles are becoming very repetative tho...