Forty Guns

Forty Guns

An authoritarian rancher, Barbara Stanwyck, who rules an Arizona county with her private posse of hired guns. When a new Marshall arrives to set things straight, the cattle queen finds herself falling, brutally for the avowedly non-violent lawman. Both have itchy-fingered brothers, a female gunman enters the picture, and things go desperately wrong.

Jessica Drummond is a powerful landowner who runs an entire Arizona county with an iron fist by the help of her forty hired guns. Things go just as she wants until a handsome gunslinger named Griff Bonnell and his brothers appear and change everything. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (ru) wrote: A trippy and amazing story that has a very interesting ending.

gautam s (br) wrote: Let the 3-1/2 stars not take away from the stellar direction of Abhishek whose handling of the small things moves you. Let it also not take away from the performances that each of the cast put out. And finally, let it also not take away from the reality with which this part of India is brought to life. Sadly, having ticked all the above boxes, its the most important part of the movie that misses its mark. It leaves no lasting impression. No reason to enjoy watching it again. Essentially no soul. For simplicity sake, this is "Rang De Basanti" without a script that provokes thought. In the end you enjoy it while its on screen and when your done you leave it behind! Oh to what might have been!

Dan R (kr) wrote: I'm 5 minutes in and this might already be the worst movie ever made.

Yvonne A (kr) wrote: irritating and funny at times.

Jeffrey N (ru) wrote: I didn't think this was as bad as people said. It seems like any other silly Will Ferrell movie.

Andy R (mx) wrote: The most nostalgic of the carry on films, it never fails to put a smile on my face

Richard D (ca) wrote: A pretty cheap and shoddy monster movie, but a lot of fun, especially in the first half. The saga of poor Bruno VeSota and his cheatin' bayou floozy Yvette Vickiers that occupies the first part of the movie is a lot of fun. After that parts over and Ken "Ken Clark" Clark (not exactly Mr. Excitement) takes over, it turns into a fairly dull hunt-guys-wearing-garbage-bags flick. Still ... you could do a lot worse.

Kai N (us) wrote: I'm not a really religious person and despite this movie's flaws I think it was pretty good. I'm a big fan of Jazz and I had never heard of the book so I gave this movie a shot. Right from the beginning a lot of the plot and dialogue makes the way that the story unfolds super cliche. The animation is kind of cool and symbolic but weirdly out of place as well. Also, I think the actors did the best that they could with the sometimes sickeningly generic dialogue. Blue Like Jazz, however, had its moments. It had some interesting things to say about Christianity and Jazz music that I had never really explored. Still though, as it has been said, the fact that the protagonist leaves his life behind him due to such a bizarre and seemingly minor realization is a little bit confusing. This is only the beginning of a series of rushed and unrealistic decisions that he makes. Let the rant begin. I think the portrayal of Reed college, although sometimes pretty hokey isn't quite as annoying as the series of blind plot points that seem completely unsupported and frankly, strange. The local bottled water franchise sending vendors to the college is among the pieces of this film that make it nowhere near perfect. I think this movie hits its best around an hour and ten minutes in, and this lasts only until the cute blonde chases after our main character, Don, after breaching his trust. Give me a break, it's cool to see him struggle with his beliefs and ideas about the relationships that he has formed, but the cheesy B.S. that's thrown to this film is SO unnecessary. I know I haven't read the book so I don't have a perfect grasp of its core concepts, but i do know that it?s a frustrating sight to watch a film like this stoop to the levels of Hollywood crap. If this movie didn't have all of the ridiculous hugs, the tears, and the evil European guy in the bear costume, and just gave you the idea of a priest confessing to a normal person then maybe this movie might mean something. I just don't understand how a group of people making a movie with this potential could come to the conclusion that this film needed a toughened childhood rape victim who held his feelings in and took them out on the church. Even if that's in the novel, it's DUMB and takes away from the good parts of this film. I mean does every freaking indie movie need a hot blonde chick with a sappy back-story? NO! No they don't. If this movie just gave you some unconventional ideas about God and religion, and cut the useless smart-girl-gone-lesbian garbage, I would love it a lot more. But it doesn't. So that's why it's sitting in a Netflix Queue somewhere and not on the year?s top ten lists. Blue Like Jazz had great potential. I like jazz, movies, and heartfelt monologues that make you think, and that's why this movie doesn't completely suck. So there you go.

Gabriel C (kr) wrote: Skyfall competes with Goldfinger as one of the greatest Bond movies ever made.

Stella D (mx) wrote: this is the film that made the hammer name synonymous with horror. based on a groundbreaking bbc serial, it's still creepy and intelligent scifi that must have been absolutely terrifying in the 50s. the story recalls everything from frankenstein to the recent district 9. renegade professor quatermass has built and launched the first manned rocket into space. when it crashes back to earth after losing communication with base, rescuers are surprised to find only one of the three astronauts still aboard. and he's not quite the man he used to be. richard wordsworth gives a particularly chilling performance as the spaceman. brian donlevy seems a bit brusque for a scientist; apparently an american star was needed to ensure distribution in the u.s. the film was considered so shocking it received an X rating from the british censor board, a fact emphasized in the title. and it was very successful, producing two excellent sequels. a real treat for fans of 50's sci fi and monster movies!

James R (fr) wrote: Haven't seen this movie in years, but was glad to have revisited it. A classic comedy about the Griswold family going on a trip from Chicago to California to go to the amusement park Wally World. Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) wants nothing more than to take his family on a road trip and bond with his children. Along for the ride are his wife Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo) and his two kids Rusty (Anthony Michael Hall) and Audrey (Dana Barron). Along the way the family gets into a ton of hijinks and crazy situations turning the vacation into a hell ride. I will say for a movie that is 33 years old I still laughed out loud a lot of times. There's a lot of stuff that's dated because of the time, but I still found the movie to be very entertaining. If you haven't seen this one before definitely give it a look!