On a hot 4th of July night, sparks fly between four people as they test the limits and possibilities of their own freedom.

On a hot 4th of July night, sparks fly between four people as they test the limits and possibilities of their own freedom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ernesto p (br) wrote: Very disappointed, this movie should have been released directly to DVD.

D M (gb) wrote: A transient arrives by railcar to a town only to witness corrupt police and a lot of violence directed by a crime boss. He decides to become a vigilante and fight back. A hooker with a heart of gold joins him. Over-the-top violence in retro-style, but not done in a fun way. Really just gross.

Private U (us) wrote: I enjoyed the movie, and I haven't seen a better independent martial arts movie than this.

Nadee W (de) wrote: the ending doesn't do particularly the audience :(

Jeremy P (mx) wrote: Logan is a soft spoken and lonely 13 year old boy with a crush. Unlike his equally lonely friend Joey, who obsesses over the sexual exploits of the popular boys, Logan is fixated on the boys themselves, particularly Rodeo Walker. Rodeo is the only one of the group of cool kids who shows any friendliness towards Logan, in other words, he doesnt go out of his way to make Logans life miserable. As they strike up a mismatched friendship, Logans infatuation with Rodeo inspires him to create a new persona named Leah. Leah and Rodeo grow close through whispered late night phone calls, and when Leah agrees to meet Rodeo face to face it is Logan who must finally prove that he can ask for what he so achingly wants. PS If anyone want see this entire film I have just write to me privatly :)

Rodrigo D (br) wrote: Hilarious, innocent, cute and a good cast! Loved to watched it!

Altamash K (ru) wrote: A very moving appearance by Christopher Lee. Captured the rollercoaster ride immediately before the independence and partition of British India from a purely Pakistani perspective. Maybe with time we will learn about the real roles that were played by the rulers of that age.


Jason S (de) wrote: You know you're in for a shit movie when even Eric Roberts won't stick around for the sequels

Timothy S (jp) wrote: There's a special place in cinematic history for pictures like "Body of Evidence", films that are astoundingly bad but also immensely and comically entertaining. This is a shining example, a ridiculous and overheated rip-off of "Basic Instinct" with dialogue and performances that are so much more offensive than the risque subject matter.The film gained a lot of attention for the sex scenes, which admittedly pushed the boundaries, but frankly because of the overblown and feverish manner in which they were filmed they come as more as ludicrous than sexy. Madonna, however, should be grateful as this is the worst movie she's been in in which she does not give the worst performance. No, that honor belongs to the ridiculous Willem DaFoe. Just watch his hilarious internal struggle he goes through before almost every sex scene. It says, "I know I'm happily married but I just can't resist her."If nothing else, the female lead will have this as a record of the time in her life when she looked amazing au naturel. That's something, I guess. The plot twists are absurd, and most of the courtroom scenes involve the judge constantly admonishing DaFoe. By the time you get to what I assume is the "big reveal" at the end, no tricks the movie tries to pull on its audience have any shock value left. You've been left so numb you don't even feel like laughing anymore."Body of Evidence" definitely wears out its welcome long before then.

Brandon I (mx) wrote: I can see how this movie disturbs a lot of people but to me it boiled down to a mother fighting for her daughter against incredibly horrible odds. It was suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Robert R (gb) wrote: This is what movies are all about; transporting us to a forgotten era with a dazzling aesthetic; introducing us to an admirable hero with an enticing quest; and filling us with an incredible array of the emotions that ultimately complement the powerful narrative at hand. Ridley Scott's "Gladiator" is a masterwork of both the moving image and the written word, featuring striking visuals and production design as well as an appealingly classical narrative with welcomed Shakespearean undertones. Russell Crowe's Oscar-winning performance is just the icing on this blood-soaked cake, but what a furiously memorable icing it is. Also, let's not go without mentioning Hans Zimmer's wonderfully apt score either, as one can always count on the man to elevate a truly cinematic moment into the heights of iconicism. And, "iconic" is just the way to describe the film in sum. A true masterwork of the cinematic art and one that no person should skip out on.

Marley L (jp) wrote: The amazing Seth & James comedy duo strikes again making me laugh harder then I ever thought possible

Ruth M (ru) wrote: As a person who's sick & tired of shoot-em-ups and way-too-graphic reality movies, give me an 'insipid' romance any time (laughter through tears is my favorite emotion - to quote another favorite 'insipid' romance of mine)